Sunshine Blue Blueberry Bush
Sunshine Blue Blueberry Bush

Sunshine Blue Blueberry Bush


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Imagine picking your healthy breakfast from your very own Blueberries early in the season! Sunshine Blue Blueberry (Vaccinium corymbosum ‘Sunshine Blue’) is a Southern Highbush selection that produces firm and tangy dime-sized berries. Sunshine Blue is an ornamental deciduous shrub that produces an abundance of delicious berries. A profuse bloomer, you’ll love seeing beautiful bell-shaped white and hot pink flowers in spring.
Sunshine Blue is a mid to late-season variety, and the summer fruit is fantastic. You’ll love the traditional richly sweet Blueberry flavor. Semi-evergreen in milder climates, the dark blue-green foliage turns to a brilliant red in the fall and remains red throughout the winter. In colder climates, the cold-hardy Sunshine Blue loses its foliage.
Typically, Southern Highbush requires another Blueberry selection to maximize its production. But even though Sunshine Blue will produce a larger crop with a pollinator, the amount of fruit produced without one will be plentiful. People report harvesting 5 to 10 pounds per bush!
Planting and Application:A natural dwarf, Sunshine Blue’s compact rounded habit makes it an ideal plant for landscape and patio container use. In a container, simply use acidic potting soil that is labeled for Azaleas, Camelias and Rhododendrons. You’ll be impressed with how fast this small plant produces! Sunshine Blue is one of the most dependably self-fruitful varieties of the Southern Highbush selections so you won’t need an entire orchard.
This edible plant also has wonderful ornamental value and should be considered for use even if you won’t use the fruit. (Don’t worry, hungry songbirds will eat any that you don’t get to!) Complement its blue tones with plants bearing bronze or reddish leaves.
Productive After Only 150 Chills Hours
Dwarf Size is Great for Containers
Delicious Mid to Late Season Berries
Tolerates High pH Better Than Most Blueberries
Southern Highbush, Mid to Late Season
#ProPlantTips for Care:Easy to grow, Sunshine Blue tolerates full sun and partial shade and has minimal care needs. It only requires a pH of 6.5 or below to thrive, unlike other blueberry varieties. Before new growth begins, prune off twiggy growth, leaving only the main stems to prevent overbearing.
Full Sun & Part Shade
Moist, Acidic Well-Drained Soil
Provide a Mulched Bed
Self-Fertile Dwarf Selection
Prune Late Winter/Early Spring
What a delight! compact habit, beautiful flowers and fall color, plus the added benefit of healthy, tasty Blueberries. We predict you’ll want several of these useful Blueberry varieties, delivered to your doorstep from! Order yours today!
Frequently Asked QuestionsAre Sunshine Blueberries good?
Sunshine Blue Blueberries are tangy dime-sized berries that form on a small, compact dwarf shrub. Making them a very good, low-chill, fruiting bush for small locations and container gardening!
How do you take care of Sunshine Blue Blueberries?
Blueberry bushes do best in full sun and slightly acidic well-drained soil that’s moderately moist. Prune in late winter to early spring.
What type of Blueberry is Sunshine Blue?
The Sunshine Blue Blueberry is a dwarf southern highbush blueberry.
Are Sunshine Blue Blueberries sweet?
Sunshine Blue Blueberries are firm and tangy!
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