Carmine Jewel™ Dwarf Cherry
Carmine Jewel™ Dwarf Cherry

Carmine Jewel™ Dwarf Cherry


Bold Superfruit Carmine Jewel™ Dwarf Cherry Tree Great Producer of Sweet-Tart Cherries Provides a Plentiful Yield Deep Reddish-Purple Firm Fruit Doesn’t Require Lots of Space Pink and White Spring Blossoms Hardy & Low-Maintenance Self-Pollinati

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Bold Superfruit Carmine Jewel™ Dwarf Cherry TreeGreat Producer of Sweet-Tart Cherries
Provides a Plentiful Yield
Deep Reddish-Purple Firm Fruit
Doesn’t Require Lots of Space
Pink and White Spring Blossoms
Hardy & Low-Maintenance
Grown Shrub Form
Perfect Balance of Sweet & Tart
Fresh Eating, Baking or Preserves!
Extreme Cold Tolerance!
Needs 700+ Chill Hours
Imagine having your very own Cherry tree that produces some real jewels! The Carmine Jewel™ Dwarf Cherry (Prunus fruticosa x cerasus) is a fabulous dwarf Cherry that produces stunning fruit that is big on flavor! Shipped as a prolific, bushy shrub-style tree, Carmine Jewel™ has fruit that pleases fans of both tart cherries and sweet cherries alike!
Sized just right for the smaller urban lot, tiny courtyards, and even container plantings, you are sure to have room for one anywhere! A single plant provides you with an orchard’s worth of flavor, without taking up all the space that other Cherry trees command.
In the spring, white and pink blossoms cover the bush in gorgeous elegance! Fragrant and frilly, your pollinators will adore these blooms as much as you will!
Your dwarf Cherries foliage is glossy green, oval to obovate in shape with pointed tips and serrated edges. Lovely backdrops for the spring blooms and of course, those gleaming gems that will soon be dangling all over your tree like little ornaments!
If you’ve never tried Carmine Jewel™ Cherries, most people would describe them as the perfect balance of sweet and mouth-puckeringly tart. The deep, reddish-purple fruit with dark-red flesh, just bursts with delicious juices and isn’t overly sour or too sweet.
In fact, once people try these tasty garden gems, they often refuse any other variety. And you don’t have to worry about this plant keeping you waiting, its Cherries ripen early in the season!
This little Cherry tree will produce enough cherries for all of your recipes! The meaty flesh and small pit, make them great for cherry pies, tarts, and cake toppers. They also make delicious preserves and juice, or you can freeze them. If you really want to get creative, ferment some for wine or use them in your homemade ice cream.
Even if you decide to share them with your friends and family, you don’t have to worry about running out either. Because just one of these petite plants produces upwards of 15 pounds of fruit by the time it’s established in its fourth year! Plus the following year should get you between 20 and 30 pounds of amazing Cherries!
How to Use Carmine Jewel™ Dwarf Cherry In The LandscapeAnd this amazing plant only requires a small portion of your real estate and time. This vigorous dwarf tree is easy to care for and does not require another pollinator. Though you can increase the size and production of the Carmine Jewel™ Dwarf Cherry by planting another Carmine Jewel™ nearby.
The smaller size means having a second tree is no problem! And why shouldn’t you have 2 anyway? Plant one or more near your patio and seating areas to truly reap the benefits of their bountiful bloom and juicy fruit right within arms reach!
Edible landscaping is all the rage these days, so why not plant something that is beautiful and feeds you and your family? Carmine Jewel™ is lovely enough year-round to not look out of place in the front landscaping!
This fruiting tree has all the ornamental qualities of a Flowering Cherry Tree! Blooming early in the spring, heralding the arrival of the season in no uncertain terms with fragrant blooms. Bees and butterflies will quickly seek out this banquet.
If you have a container big enough, you can even keep your Carmine Jewel™ on balconies or patios! It’s size and attractive foliage make it a wonderful ornamental. Just make sure you water it regularly, especially during the heat of summer.
Carmine Jewel™ Cherry is a boon to birds looking for a pre-winter feast! The gleaming red fruit is irresistible to songbirds, drawing them to your yard. The smaller size also means easily installing bird netting so your feathered friends don’t make off with all of your harvests!
And in winter, you’ll get a chance to appreciate the magnificent branch structure and unique Cherry Tree bark. Every little bit helps brighten the dreary winter, and this delightful tree will catch your eye even when it’s cold outside.
#ProPlantTips For CarePlant your Carmine Jewel™ Dwarf Cherry in full sun with its roots fully buried. It’s a tenacious shrub that’s known for its tolerance and extreme cold hardiness. It’s also not prone to bugs or disease. Winter hardy to growing zones 3-8, this variety of Carmine Jewel™ Cherries is a highly adaptable, resilient and disease-resistant tree!
Growing to a small 6-7 feet in height and having a decent spread of up to 8 feet, you can prune your Carmine Jewel™ in early spring to control its size and shape further. Be sure to only prune in late winter or early spring, before you see any new growth. That way you won’t take a chance removing any of those lovely blooms that will become the juicy fruit later on!
It is self-pollinating, so you don’t need multiples to ensure a great harvest however you will be rewarded by a larger yield per tree if you do have another Cherry nearby.
Find your fruit tree a home where it can bask in as much full sun as possible. More sun means more blooms and more blooms mean more fruit! Carmine Jewel™ is naturally heavy bearing, so get ready for a treat!
Doing their very best in well-drained, sandy soil to loamy soil that is rich in organic nutrients. You can enhance the nutrients in your soil by spading in compost, leaves, and manure to keep your tree happy for years to come.
Water young trees well to ensure they become well-established in their first year. Doing best in any kind of soil, these Cherry trees do require well-draining conditions and cannot sit in soggy soils. Be sure to include the Nature Hills Root Booster to give your root system the healthy jump-start it needs to get growing beautifully!
All trees and plants appreciate a layer of mulch over their root zone. It not only cools the roots in summer and insulates them from the heat in summer, but a generous layer of mulch also protects from winter’s chill and holds in more moisture; so that means less watering for you!
Nature Hills ensures your trees and shrubs are shipped at the proper planting time for your area of the country! The wonderful Carmine Jewel™ Dwarf Cherry is destined to be the crown jewel of your garden! Don’t wait until we sell out, order yours from Nature Hills Nursery today!
Carmine Jewel™ Dwarf Cherry Tree Frequently Asked QuestionsHow long does it take for Carmine Jewel™ Dwarf Cherry Trees to bear fruit?Nature Hills Nursery sells fruit trees with mature root systems, and will often set fruit in their second or third years.
How Fast Do Carmine Jewel™ Dwarf Cherry Trees Grow?Cherry trees are medium-growth rate plants and once they are established they can add 12-18 inches per year or so if given the ideal growing conditions.
Where do Carmine Jewel™ Dwarf Cherry Trees Grow Best?Cherry trees grow best in well-drained, fertile soil in at least 6 hours of full sun per day or more. Morning sun is a plus and planting any fruit tree where there is good air circulation keeps the plants stress-free.
Do You Need 2 Cherry Trees to Produce Fruit?All Prunus varieties have different requirements to set fruit. Carmine Jewel™ Dwarf is self-fruiting and doesn’t need a pollinating partner, but will bear more fruit when paired with a partner that flowers at the same time.
No room? Look into High-Density Planting techniques, or choose a semi-dwarf or dwarf fruit tree.
When Should Carmine Jewel™ Dwarf Cherry Trees Be Planted?Bareroot cherry trees are best planted in the spring but container-grown cherry trees can be successfully transplanted all throughout the growing season as long as the ground isn’t frozen and they are carefully watered as needed. Check for first and last frost dates for your area with your local County Extension Office.
How Do I Find Carmine Jewel™ Dwarf Cherry Trees for Sale Near Me?Make your life easier and your yard happier by shopping for cherry trees at online fruit tree nursery. You’ll find a massive selection of fruit trees for sale, including many lovely cherry tree varieties!
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