Honey Halo Nectarine Tree
Honey Halo Nectarine Tree

Honey Halo Nectarine Tree


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Disc-shaped red fruit, the Honey Halo Nectarine Tree (Prunus persica var. nucipersica ‘Honey Halo’) is a unique donut-style Nectarine with smooth yellowy-orange speckled skin that adds to the snappy bite of the sweet and flavorful interior! With that true Nectarine flavor, these are easy to eat, healthy fruit that kids love!
The gorgeous pink blossoms will be buzzing with bees and butterflies all spring and then the tree explodes into a gorgeous green canopy all summer. Becoming the perfect backdrop for the disc-shaped fruit that will ripen just in time to refresh your summer get-togethers!
Honey Halo is sweet and juicy! Churn some into ice cream or whiz into your breakfast smoothies, they’re of course perfect atop cereal and as the star of tarts and preserves! You and your family will of course enjoy these best while picnicking beneath the shady limbs, fresh and still warm from the summer sun!
Planting and Application:Honey Halo is a moderately sized tree that can be pruned as small as you need for an easier harvest, or for nestling into existing landscapes! Self-fertile trees, you’ll only need one for a large crop, but more the merrier and gives you more fruit, plus privacy and accents! After all, these are flowering specimen trees that also provide you with bushels of homegrown healthy fruit, pulling double duty as edible landscape accents and supporting your access to healthy food!
Nectarine Trees are easy to care for and tolerate a wide range of conditions. So go ahead and plant one as a front-yard focal point that slows traffic each spring when Honey Halo is an explosion of pink, or in the summer when the mouth-watering fruit is dangling from every limb!
Sweet & Juicy Yellow Flesh
Yellow Fuzzy Peach Blushed Mostly Rosy Red
Self-Pollinating Semi-Cling Peach
Mid-Sized Early Producing & Early Harvest
Fragrant Pinkish-Lavender Blossoms
#ProPlantTips for Care:Nectarine Tree care is easy, they need full sun for the most blooms and fruit, and provide a very well-drained site that’s enriched with moderate, yet consistent moisture access. Provide a thick layer of mulch over the surface. These trees appreciate extra moisture in harsh times and regular fertility.
Full Sun
Moderate Yet Regular Moisture
Enriched Well-Drained Soil & Mulch
Prune When Dormant – Easily Keep Under 10 Feet
400-600 Chill Hours
The Honey Halo Nectarine Tree will be your new favorite specialty fruit tree and flowering specimen! So order yours today at NatureHills.com!