Red Diamond Nectarine Tree
Red Diamond Nectarine Tree

Red Diamond Nectarine Tree


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The Red Diamond Nectarine Tree (Prunus persica var. nucipersica ‘Red Diamond’) is indeed a diamond in the rough! The smooth red skin hides a luscious golden-yellow interior that’s firm and sweet! Plus this tree stays smaller, allowing almost any yard and orchard to include one with no worry about it taking up too much space!
Spring starts in a flourish of incredibly beautiful pink flowers that smother the entire petite tree! Followed by the bright green leaves, these become magnificent little ornamental trees that look right at home in the orchard as they do as a stand-out specimen in your front yard!
Red Diamond ripens around July or August depending on your climate, just in time for summer barbecues! The refreshing fruit is so sweet and juicy that you’ll need very little sugar when creating pies, jams and sauces! Whiz into a breakfast smoothie or ice cream, add to your morning yogurt or cereal, and as always, these are healthy treats kids love!
Planting and Application:Nectarine Trees are typically shipped with their lower limbs still intact, allowing you a wide range of uses for your tree once you receive it! Keep those bottom branches and use these as large shrubs that define your property when planted in hedgerows, or great privacy when planted in groups.
Prune smaller and into a tree-form to enjoy these as petite accents by your front door, shade your patio or even plant in large containers around your seating areas or on a sunny porch! The flowers and fall color make Red Diamond as ornamental as any, with the bonus of delectable fruit too! Beauty and food sustainability rolled into one!
Smooth Red Skin
Refreshing Yellow Interior
Mid-Season Harvest
Smaller Sized Tree
Fragrant Pink Blossoms
#ProPlantTips for Care:Nectarine Trees love full sun and do best in 6 hours or more of direct light a day. Provide a well-drained enriched site with plenty of mulch and water access. These hardy trees are heat resistant and self-fruitful, but more is always merrier, so plant with a couple of other similar varieties for larger crops!
Full Sun
Well-Drained Enriched Soil
500-600 Chill Hours
Prune When Dormant
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Order today and let Red Diamond Nectarine Tree become the crown jewel of your garden! Order now at and have your garden delivered to your door!