Blake's Pride European Pear Tree
Blake’s Pride European Pear Tree

Blake’s Pride European Pear Tree


Aromatic & Sweet Blake’s Pride European Pear Tree! Russet-Yellow Skin & Green Tinges Aromatic Sweet Flavor Juicy Smooth & Buttery Texture Mid-Spring Delicate White Blossoms Mid-Late Season Fruit Upright Growth Handsome Dark-Green Foliage Eating

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Aromatic & Sweet Blake’s Pride European Pear Tree!Russet-Yellow Skin & Green Tinges
Aromatic Sweet Flavor
Juicy Smooth & Buttery Texture
Mid-Spring Delicate White Blossoms
Mid-Late Season Fruit
Upright Growth
Handsome Dark-Green Foliage
Eating Fresh Or Canning & Preserves
Requires Another Pollinator
Easy To Grow
Heat Tolerant & Disease Resistant Pear
700-800 Chill Hours
If you haven’t decided what variety of pear you want, look carefully at Blake’s Pride European Pear (Pyrus communis ‘Blake’s Pride’) because it’s one of the best for fresh eating and preserves, has high fire blight resistance and is very ornamental!
Producing earlier in the season than most varieties, you won’t have to wait all summer before enjoying these delicious fruits!
You can expect Blake’s Pride to be covered with delicate white blooms in April, attracting bees and butterflies to your yard. The tree is smothered in drifts of white to delight you and your neighbors, long after the threat of frost has passed!
‘Large, sweet, and juicy’ is how most home gardeners describe Blake’s Pride. These pears have a shiny, soft-yellow to russet skin with just a hint of green and that great pear aroma that will delight your nostrils with every bite you take!
Blake’s Pride will need another variety for pollination so be sure to plant with another European Pear. If you don’t have room for two trees, try this high-density planting trick found in Nature Hills Garden Blog.
How to Use Blake’s Pride European Pear Tree In The LandscapeThis variety winters well and produces beautiful dark-green foliage for you to enjoy from spring till fall. And best of all, it will start producing a good crop by its second or third year!
Early producing, disease resistant and smaller size – all make this tree perfect for home orchards and gardeners with properties of all sizes. Prune smaller as needed for easy harvest or to control the size.
An outstanding specimen tree, the white blooms will highlight your spring, plus the handsome foliage creates great shade. Add to front and side gardens as an accent or anchor to your garden beds.
Shade seating areas and patios in the lush shade. Park a chair or blanket beneath the limbs to enjoy the blooms and later to pluck a few fresh snacks! Plant a hedgerow for privacy and property definition that also fills your pantry in luscious fruit.
#ProPlantTips For CareLike most varieties, Blake’s Pride Pear is the most productive when planted in full sun and well-drained soil. Young trees require continuous moisture access during the first year, while mature trees just need a little extra water during hot and dry weather.
Plant in well-enriched soil that drains fast, plus top-dress with a thick layer of mulch over the surface for more moisture retention and to further insulate the roots from heat and cold. Add Nature Hills Root Booster while planting for a life-long symbiotic relationship with the tiny feeder roots.
This Pear grows vigorously to an average height. It reliably provides a heavy crop that resists fire blight along with diseases that might affect other Pear varieties.
Prune to keep an open canopy so that both sunlight and airflow can reach the interior. Head over to our Garden Blog for more Fruit Tree Planting, Fruit Tree Pruning and Fruit Tree Care tips and tricks can be found!
While there might not be such a thing as a perfect pear, Blake’s Pride European Pear Tree is about as close as it comes! Easy to grow, delicious fruit and disease-resistant – can you ask for anything more? Order yours today at, and start enjoy delicious fruit tomorrow!
Blake’s Pride European Pear Tree Frequently Asked QuestionsHow long does it take for Blake’s Pride European Pear Trees to bear fruit?Nature Hills Nursery sells fruit trees with mature root systems, and will often set fruit in their second or third years.
How Fast Do Blake’s Pride European Pear Trees Grow?Pear trees are moderate growth rate plants and can add 12-18 inches and more per year in optimal conditions once they have established.
Where do Blake’s Pride European Pear Trees Grow Best?Pear trees grow best in well-drained, fertile soil in at least 6 hours of full sun per day or more.
Do You Need 2 Pear Trees to Produce Fruit?All Pyrus varieties have different requirements to set fruit. While a few varieties are self-fertile but will always have a larger harvest with a pollination partner. Blake’s Pride European (Pyrus communis ‘Blake’s Pride’) is not self-fruiting and needs a pollinating partner. Pair with one of these varieties:Bartlett Pear Tree
Comice Pear Tree
Kieffer Pear Tree
No room? Look into High-Density Planting techniques, or choose a semi-dwarf or dwarf fruit tree.
When Should Blake’s Pride European Pear Trees be Planted?Bareroot Pear trees are best planted in the spring but container-grown Pear trees can be successfully transplanted all throughout the growing season as long as the ground isn’t frozen and they are carefully watered as needed. Check for first and last frost dates for your area with your local County Extension Office.
Harvest Times for Blake’s Pride European PearsBlake’s Pride European pears are typically ready to harvest in August.
How Do I Find Blake’s Pride European Pear Trees for Sale Near Me?Make your life easier and your yard happier by shopping for Pear trees at online fruit tree nursery. You’ll find a massive selection of fruit trees for sale, including many lovely Pear tree varieties!
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