Howard Miracle Plum Tree
Howard Miracle Plum Tree

Howard Miracle Plum Tree


Tropical Taste Howard Miracle Plum Tree Mid-Season 400 Chill Hours Freestone Fruit Yellow Skin Blushed With Red and Pink Wonderful Fresh Eating Tropical Fruit Taste Juicy Fruit with Distinctive Flavor Spreading Form Vigorous Use Santa Rosa Plu

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Tropical Taste Howard Miracle Plum TreeMid-Season
400 Chill Hours
Freestone Fruit
Yellow Skin Blushed With Red and Pink
Wonderful Fresh Eating
Tropical Fruit Taste
Juicy Fruit with Distinctive Flavor
Spreading Form
Use Santa Rosa Plum as Pollination Partner
One of the best tasting fresh-eating plums, Howard Miracle Plum Tree (Prunus salicina ‘Howard Miracle’) produces fruit with a zesty, sweet taste. The white flesh has a floral-tropical hint of pineapple and honey!
This special variety truly is a tasty miracle for fresh eating. Sometimes people call them Howard Wonder Plums. They are favorites at Southern California farmer’s markets, but might be hard to find.
Grow your own, they’ll keep for a week or two after harvest. The complex, layered flavor is well worth it!
Try them thin-sliced on a fruit and cheese platter and in sorbets and speciality cocktails. Your friends will beg you for your daiquiri recipe.
If you have any left over, use them in special homemade sauces. Nothing is better than a sweet and citrusy Howard Miracle Plum sauce as a dip for egg rolls. Or use it as a glaze over ham, turkey and duck.
Plant with a Japanese Plum pollination partner. Try Santa Rosa, Hollywood or other Satsuma Plums.
Place your order for Howard Miracle Plum now, people are on the hunt for this rare, low chilling requirement variety.
How to Grow Howard Miracle Plum Fruit TreesWIth a spreading growth habit, Howard Miracle can become a perfect specimen plant in your edible landscape. Beautiful white blooms cover the tree in springtime.
Place this tree where you’ll notice it. It makes an impact with spreading limbs and pure white blossoms in early spring.
You’ll have to wait for the developing fruit to ripen in late mid-season. Why not add an early season variety as a pollination partner?
Fruit trees can be pruned to any size in the summertime. Be sure to check out our blogs on high-density planting, and videos on size control.
#ProPlantTips for CarePlum trees need full sun, with at least 6 hours of direct sunlight a day. Proper air circulation is also important. Please don’t plant too close to structures.
They grow best in well-drained soil that has been amended with compost. Plant in a large mound or raised bed if poor drainage is suspected.
Provide moderate amounts of water on a regular basis. Mulch your tree to 3 to 4 inches deep to 3 feet outside of the canopy.
Thin out heavy crops to increase the size of mature fruit. Spacing is about one fruit per 6 inches.
In late winter, shape your fruit tree to correct crossing branches. Develop three main scaffold limbs to carry the weight of the harvest.
Keep your tree smaller with summer pruning for size control. Tip prune the season’s new growth by a third. You’ll have an easier harvest, and encourage next year’s fruiting wood.
There is a bit of a mystery regarding Howard Miracle Plum. It was widely reported that this is a hybrid cross between two unlikely parents. The historical Green Gage is a European Plum, and beloved Satsuma is an Asian Plum.
But these days, it’s assumed the green parent was actually a green Asian Plum. Oh well, it’s a good story and the taste is still out-of-this-world!
Order your Howard Miracle Plum today, but please hurry. This year’s crop will sell out quickly.
Plum Tree Frequently Asked QuestionsHow long does it take for Howard Miracle Plum Trees to bear fruit?Nature Hills Nursery sells fruit trees with mature root systems that are already three to four years old, so you’ll enjoy fruit sooner than you would with younger trees! Expect young Plum trees to begin fruiting usually by the 2nd to 4th year after they establish in your landscape.
How big do Howard Miracle Plum trees grow? How fast do Plum trees grow?The Howard Miracle Plum tree can grow to a mature height of 10-15 feet and a mature width of 10-15 feet.
Once your Plum tree has been established (after the first year), it can typically add 13-24 inches of new growth per growing season. If your plants are growing less than that in a season, it may be worth your while to check the fertility level.
Where is the best place to plant a Howard Miracle Plum Trees?Plum trees grow best in well-drained, fertile soil in at least 6 hours of full sun per day or more. Provide good air circulation and moderate, yet consistent water in well-drained, fertile soil.
Do You Need 2 Plum Trees to Produce Fruit?The Howard Miracle Plum trees are not self fertile, so planting more than one Plum tree that blooms at about the same time, boosts yields on both trees and extends your harvest time!
Santa Rosa Plum Tree
Satsuma Plum Tree
No room? Look into High-Density Planting techniques, or choose a semi-dwarf or dwarf fruit tree.
When Should Howard Miracle Plum Tree be Planted?Bareroot Plum trees can be planted in spring when they are available in your area. Container-grown Plum trees can be very successfully transplanted all throughout the growing season. Check for first and last frost dates for your area with your local County Extension Office.
Plant bareroot Plum trees in the early spring.
Plant container-grown trees anytime the ground is not frozen by digging a hole as deep as the soil line and twice as wide.
How Do I Find Howard Miracle Plum Trees for Sale Near Me?Make your life easier and your landscape tastier by shopping for Plum trees at online fruit tree nursery. You’ll find a massive selection of fruit trees for sale, including many lovely Plum tree varieties!
Choose the right tree for your area by first finding your USDA growing zone by entering your zip code in the field above the Plant Highlights section on our product pages. Narrow down your options by plant hardiness zone, sun availability, and size requirements.
Place your order, knowing it’s backed by the Nature Hills Nursery product guarantee and protected by Plant Sentryâ„¢, which helps ensure regulated plant materials aren’t sent to prohibited areas.
Expect to receive your plants at the appropriate planting time for your growing zone when temperatures are safest for those plants that ship in fall, winter, or early spring.
Shop the selection of mature Plum trees for sale at Nature Hills Nursery and place your order for Howard Miracle Plum Tree today.
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