Meron Bordeaux Anemone
Meron Bordeaux Anemone

Meron Bordeaux Anemone


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Luxuriously sensuous blooms, the incredible velvety and silky petals of Bordeaux Anemone (Anemone ‘Meron Bordeaux’) are high-style finery for your garden! Known by many names; Windflowers, Spanish Marigold or Poppy Anemone, the saturated, dark-plum petals and radiant royal-purple eyes, each have a crown of velvety black stamen!
The green foliage is curly and ferny-looking. The strong stems make them designer-quality fresh-cut flowers for floral arrangements! Pollinators adore these blooms and you will too! Lightly fragrant and always impressive, you will want to plant them close to your seating areas, deck chairs, and garden benches! Anywhere to keep them close for your immediate enjoyment!
Hardy throughout USDA growing zones 7-10, Meron Bordeaux Anemones are fantastic annual accents in colder climates. Northern growers can also bring these blooms indoors as houseplants to over-winter or store the corms until next year away from the freezing temperatures. The only ones that may not like your Anemone are deer and rabbits, which tend to pass these blooms by for better-tasting meals!
Planting and Application:With a fringe of frilly leaves underneath like a lacy collar, lasting long after the blooms have faded, these perennial corms can be used as edging and cut flowers in many growing zones. Loving sandy, moderate moisture locations, Rock Gardens, Pollinator and Perennial gardens are fantastic sites. Container and planter-sized, include these incredibly color-saturated flowers on your porch and patio!
Bees and Butterflies flock to these blooms! The strong stems and vibrant blooms create the perfect landing pads for your pollinators, while the slim stems become designer-quality fresh cuts for your bouquets! So fill your perennial gardens and Cottage borders with Anemone for armloads to bring indoors!
Silky Deep-Plum Blooms
Vibrant Royal-Purple Eyes & Black Stamen
Gorgeous Ferny Foliage
Easy-To-Grow Designer Quality Cut Flowers
Lightly Fragrant Container Plants, Border Gardens & Pollinator Beds
#ProPlantTips for Care:When planted in full sun, Anemones can bloom all spring into the summer! They appreciate partial shade in the hotter of their favored growing zones and appreciate a 3-4 inch layer of mulch to maintain soil moisture, as insulation, and to enrich the site. Provide a rich humusy location with consistent moisture. Prune away the foliage in late summer or fall after it yellows to clean the mound. Plant Anemones in fall a few inches apart, and they will spring to life the following spring.
Full Sun & Partial Shade
Moderate Consistent Moisture
Organically-Rich Soil
Clean Mounds After Foliage Yellows
Acid & Alkaline Soils, Deer & Rabbits Are No Problem!
Hurry and reserve your Meron Bordeaux Anemone from us today! When you buy corms from Nature Hills, you are buying proven landscape varieties. We provide bigger, premium bulbs for better, high-quality results. We ship your corms based on fall planting time for your area.