Bristol Black Raspberry Bush
Bristol Black Raspberry Bush

Bristol Black Raspberry Bush


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Other Raspberry varieties step aside, the Bristol Raspberry Bush (Rubus occidentalis ‘Bristol’) is here! These brilliant and reliable berries are a no-brainer if you’re looking for a winning cultivar. This Raspberry has proven itself to be hardy, tasty, and beautiful since its introduction in 1934.
The Bristol Raspberry’s medium green and broad foliage create a verdant and cheerful sight. If you want to attract joyful birds and happy bees, you will want several of these in your yard! The spring show of white blossoms is not something to miss! Then Bristol produces juicy black raspberries with a sweet aroma in early summer!
These firm berries are large with high sugar levels and a fruity flavor. While it’s difficult to beat eating these bright berries fresh from the cane, they are also a great candidate for canning, jams, jellies, and freezing. They also make the perfect muse for new baked recipes. Turn a boring salad or plain yogurt into a true treat with a handful of Bristol Raspberries. Or stir in a spoonful of your blackberry jelly to your next milkshake for a fresh burst of flavor.
Planting and Application:Plant Bristol bushes along your woodland area or in a region you want to naturalize and attract wildlife. Add a bird-friendly fence that few will want to cross and hides nosy neighbors at the same time! You may wish to cover a couple of your bushes just so the birds won’t fatten up on all your berries!
Ornamental enough for edible landscaping, their smaller size and beauty all growing season is an unmatched and versatile fruiting and flowering accent and focal point plant! Why shouldn’t your landscaping put food on your table too?
Excellent Early Summer Classic
Less Seedy Mid-Season Raspberry
Sweet & Charming White Flowers
Self-Fruitful Mid-Sized Black Raspberry
Fantastic Fruity Flavor
#ProPlantTips for Care:Keep your Floricane Raspberry plants fruitful by removing canes that have been harvested immediately after fruiting by pruning them to the ground, leaving the new vegetative (non-fruiting) canes to overwinter. While self-fertile, you may want to plant several nearby for extra berries!
Full Sun
Moist, Well-Drained, Organically Enriched Soil
Very Cold Hardy
Prune After Fruiting
Mulch Beds Well
The Bristol Black Raspberry Bush is a floricane that provides unlimited joy to those who have the opportunity to grow their own. Make this upcoming summer the berry best with your own Bristol Raspberry.