Canby Raspberry Bush
Canby Raspberry Bush

Canby Raspberry Bush


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The nearly thornless summer-bearing Canby Raspberry (Rubus idaeus ‘Canby Red’) is a vivid variety that features luscious red berries ripen in summer for your get-togethers! A wonderful Raspberry for your home garden, you’ll appreciate the near thornless canes, and oh my – the taste is out of this world!
This is a very high-quality, large red fruit that can be relished fresh, frozen or preserved into jams and jellies. This is a self-pollinating variety, so you can plant it by itself if you must. But we bet you’ll want to consider adding a second plant that bears fruit in the fall to continue the harvest.
Watch for the snow-white blossoms to be vibrating because of how many bees stop by for a visit, and then watch your ripening berries and harvest as soon as they redden and pluck cleanly from the cane. You’ll have to move quickly to beat the birds or use netting to protect your investment.
Planting and Application:These smaller shrubs are space-saving delights! Use anywhere you’d put a sun-loving flowering shrub and enjoy the juicy berries as part of your double-duty edible landscaping plan! Front or back yards are enhanced by the bright green and ornate foliage and festoons of white petaled blossoms! Even large patio planters and porch containers can house one of these dual-purpose plants!
Despite being thornless, these shrubs are ideal for low hedges and screens, rows and property division. Raspberry bushes are also dense enough for great privacy that the wildlife and birds will enjoy taking shelter in and nesting! You’ll enjoy having that much more fruit for your freezer, dehydrator, morning smoothie or cereal, and all the jam and syrup you can make!
Luscious Flavored Red Berries
Nearly Thornless Floricane
Self Pollinating White Blossoms
Canning, Freezing & Fresh Eating
Small Space-Saving Shrubs
#ProPlantTips for Care:This Floricane variety bears fruit on second-year growth. Prep your site in full sun with well-drained, slightly acidic soil. Use plenty of mulch to help keep the soil consistently moist. After harvest, cut the old canes to the ground and leave the new canes in place for next year’s crop.
Full Sun
Well-Drained Enriched Moist Soil
Prune After Harvest
Regular Fertility & Moisture
Hardy USDA Zones 4 – 8
The Canby Red Raspberry is a best seller at! So hurry and order your new berry orchard addition today and reap the juicy rewards!