Latham Raspberry Bush
Latham Raspberry Bush

Latham Raspberry Bush


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One of the most trusted and oldest harvested varieties of Raspberry, the Latham Red Raspberry (Rubus idaeus ‘Latham’) is one of the most recommended varieties for the Midwest and Northern States! Latham is a Floricane that handles the cold and higher elevations, and delivers a bumper crop without fussiness!
Latham Raspberry plant stays petite, so it won’t take up more space than you want it to. This special variety was developed in Minnesota and has brought so much joy for well over a century. The lovely white blossoms show off their Rose family roots and the bees and butterflies will arrive in droves to help you pollinate your shrub! Raspberries are self-pollinating, but they love having partner plants nearby (and plenty of extra for your backyard songbirds too!).
What makes the Latham Heritage Raspberry perfect for gardens? It yields huge crops of large, pointed berries that burst with juice! These large, dark red classic Raspberries have a bold flavor. Don’t be surprised to find yourself shamelessly eating handfuls of these wildly sweet Raspberries straight from the bush.
The sweet flavor can rev up a marvelous salsa, or add a full-flavored gourmet flair to homemade barbeque sauces. Make your own baby food with homegrown berries. The sky’s the limit! You can create delicious jams or pies with them, eat them fresh, or freeze them for later. Add plenty to make sure you have enough for smoothies or winter cobblers. If you can control yourself, they can be kept for weeks with refrigeration. Freeze what you don’t get to for a delightful taste of summer in the middle of snowy weather
Planting and Application:Add this heirloom Raspberry plant to your yard to enjoy an abundance of fresh and juicy, homegrown berries. No matter the size of your yard, you can squeeze them into sunny spots and boost your family’s food security. When mid-summer hits, be ready. Latham provides you with abundant picking opportunities and plenty to preserve. Plus all the pretty blooms and ornamental beauty that a landscaping shrub provides for edible landscaping!
This delightful and useful variety was developed for home gardeners and you-pick berry farms. If you went berry-picking as a kid, there’s a good chance you plucked some of this same variety! Create a long-lived patch with several planted in groupings or in linear orchards that serve as double-duty hedges.
Extend your season with early and late-season summer bearers. Plant two to three feet apart and add a sturdy trellis to tie up the Raspberry canes. Make a multi-purpose garden by mixing these beautiful plants into your perennial border as a fabulous backdrop. The trellis adds structure, and the white blooms, red berries, and burgundy fall foliage are all very showy.
Heirloom Variety – Intense, Classic Raspberry Flavor
Large, Dark Red Berries Bursting With Juice
Pretty White Blooms in Spring – Pollinators Galore
Crinkled, Pleated Green Foliage & Beautiful Burgundy Fall Color
Easy-Care Mid-Season June-Bearing
Reliable Producer of Long Harvests & Big Harvests
Groupings, Hedges, Backdrops, Edible Landscaping
#ProPlantTips for Care:Latham is a deciduous woody caneberry that fruits best in Full Sun. Give it six hours of sunlight a day, and you’ll be rewarded! Plant well-drained soil. If you have slow drainage, add additional soil and elevate the planting bed. Provide water during fruit production and extended drought. Apply a three-inch layer of arborist mulch over the roots to cut down on surface evaporation. Consider adding soaker hoses along your Red Raspberry plants. Apply a slow-release fertilizer in early spring. Follow label directions for application rates.
These Floricane plants start producing fruit on canes that have overwintered. Harvest your first crop from the old canes in late spring. After harvest is done, cut out the old canes at ground level. Discard them in your yard waste bin. Allow the remaining canes to stand over winter. They can be tip-pruned in late winter for a more compact plant.
Full Sun
Well-Drained Enriched Soil
Moderate Moisture Needs
Prune Floricanes After Fruiting
Cold Hardy & Very Adaptable
We sell out of our fruit crops extremely quickly these days. If you see Latham Raspberry in stock on the site, place your order. Grow your own great-tasting berries of the Latham Red Raspberry plants ASAP. You’ll be thrilled to see that sturdy box from Nature Hills arrive on your doorstep.