Nova Raspberry Bush
Nova Raspberry Bush

Nova Raspberry Bush


Firm, Flavorful Berries Nova Raspberry Bush Late Season Summer Bearing Red Raspberries Tolerates Cold Winters Adaptable Across a Wide Region Dark Red, Rounded Fruit Firm Texture Rich Raspberry Flavor Great Keeper Vigorous Producer Long Season

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Firm, Flavorful Berries Nova Raspberry BushLate Season
Summer Bearing Red Raspberries
Tolerates Cold Winters
Adaptable Across a Wide Region
Dark Red, Rounded Fruit
Firm Texture
Rich Raspberry Flavor
Great Keeper
Vigorous Producer
Long Season of Harvest
Lovely White Blooms in Spring
Include the fetching good looks of small fruiting plants for a hard-working landscape design. You’ll join millions of Americans in their quest to eat better and provide food security for their families.
Bold red berries hang like jewels from the late season summer bearer, Nova Raspberries (Rubus ‘Nova’). Get ready to add a morning stroll alongside your bountiful crop, picking luscious ripe berries for your breakfast.
These richly flavored berries burst with juice. Nova is a great choice for texture, too. They are firm and hold together well.
You’ll love them fresh, and they’ll keep a conveniently long time waiting for you to prep them. Nova is an excellent variety for freezing, too.
With lovely white flowers in spring and textured green foliage, Nova looks great all season. Developed in Nova Scotia, this winter hardy variety certainly sails through frigid winters, but can easily be grown further south, as well.
Nova straddles the line between late “June Bearers” and Everlasting bearers, depending on the hardiness zone where you live. This is a great choice to include in successive harvest plantings.
With careful selection, you could have fresh raspberries for months! And Nova is a compact variety that is strong and upright. It won’t take up much room.
You’ll grow to truly appreciate their full-bodied flavor fresh from the bush. It’s also an amazing “keeper” berry to stock up your freezer.
Nova helps home gardeners achieve that satisfying feeling of having many freezer bags full of the precious taste of summer. No wonder it’s such a popular variety!
Please place your order for Nova Raspberry today. We will sell out of our limited inventory very quickly.
How to Use Nova Raspberry in the LandscapeAdd these fruitful plants to a sunny spot near your kitchen door. Modern landscape design is getting a lot more “real” and raspberries are making a big comeback.
Plant them in a trellised row on either side of your walkway leading from your patio. Add them to that sun-filled side yard, or to help hide the shed.
You’ll cherish their industrious nature and sweet good looks. Why not run them along the back of your annual Victory Garden?
Butterflies and other helpful pollinators love their cute blooms. Boost your overall yield by including fruiting bushes.
You’ll get fruit from a single plant. But…you’ll pump up the production if you plant pollination partners. Add the early season Boyne and a mid-season Latham with your Nova for pounds of fresh fruit each year.
Southern gardeners can consider late season Nova to be the start of your Everbearing season. Include bright red berries of Polka and Joan J to finish off your fall crop.
Creative small space gardeners are even growing these plants in extra-large containers. No one needs to feel left out of the Edible Landscape trend.
#ProPlantTips for CareGive summer red Raspberry Nova full sun for the best fruit production of large, rounded, dark red berries. Six hours of sunlight or more is recommended.
They need good air circulation, so please plant five or six feet from any structure. After all, you’ll want to access the entire plant to pick your crop.
Plant in well-drained soil, or elevate the planting bed if you have poor drainage. Dish out some soil at the top to trap water, so it can soak in at the roots.
Berry bushes appreciate even moisture, especially as they bloom and the fruit develops. Give regular water to support a healthy crop.
Container-grown plants need careful watering. Drip irrigation is a great time-saver. Mulch helps reduce evaporation, too.
This variety fruits on second year floricanes. After the harvest is done, cut the old canes out at ground level. Discard them in your yard waste bin.
Allow the remaining canes to stand overwinter. Tip-prune them back in late winter for a more compact plant.
Apply a slow-release fertilizer in early spring. Follow label directions for application rates.
Add Nova Raspberry plants to your balcony or backyard. They’ll happily, and easily flavor your life. Go for fresh, homegrown fruit, you’ll never regret it. Order Nova today!