Willamette Raspberry Bush
Willamette Raspberry Bush

Willamette Raspberry Bush


Prolific Summer Fruiting – Willamette Raspberry Bush! Large Dark-Red Berries Abundant Fruit Producer Super Juicy Complex Sweet Flavor Delicious Taste Bright Green Foliage Multi-Purpose Fruit for all Uses! Huge Red Raspberries Pretty White Flowe

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Prolific Summer Fruiting – Willamette Raspberry Bush!Large Dark-Red Berries
Abundant Fruit Producer
Super Juicy
Complex Sweet Flavor
Delicious Taste
Bright Green Foliage
Multi-Purpose Fruit for all Uses!
Huge Red Raspberries
Pretty White Flowers
Vigorous & Heavy Producing
Erect Growth
Mid-Season Harvest
Full Sun & Partial Sun
It’s a simple – yet winning – philosophy… If you are going to do something, go big!
The Willamette Raspberry (Rubus idaeus var strigosus ‘Willamette’) goes for the gusto for you every year! These large lush berries are a juicy feast on their own, but these hardy canes and gorgeous, textured foliage create a uniquely ornamental shrub!
The pretty white blooms kick off spring by attracting flocks of pollinators! A favorite for your local native bee population, butterflies too will adore these pretty blooms.
If you love firm, dark red Raspberries for fresh eating, juicing, jams, jellies, chutneys, beer-making, salsa, sauces and baking into pies and cobblers; then this robust variety will really deliver for you. Try freezing them into organic popsicles for the young at heart!
Look for an abundant crop in summer, just in time for barbecues! These delightful berries are loaded with raspberry flavor, and juice and are perfect for any dessert, pie, pastry, or jam you can think of! These yummy berries are deliciously complex. Sweet, with just a hint of tartness, this is a tried and true variety for the home garden.
Not only will you love the Willamette Raspberry’s berries, but you will also enjoy its low-maintenance nature. It grows vigorously and will hold up its berries and bright leaves without the need for stakes or supports.
How to Use Willamette Raspberry Bush In The LandscapeGood-sized canes not only produce amazing flavorful fruit, but these barbed beauties are also fantastic throughout the landscape as barrier plants! Imagine a hedge for privacy and screening that keeps unwanted visitors and unwanted gazes out!
Create a hedge along a property line or a hedgerow for not just privacy, but to also act as a windscreen and shelterbelt for songbirds and small wildlife. Trespassers will think twice about crossing this hedge!
When pruned in winter or after the first flush of fruit, you’ll not only hold this bush at a more modest height but also tuck it into existing orchards and landscapes. Use the fantastically textured leaves as a backdrop to your smaller veggie gardens or dual-purpose landscaping needs. You can even use them in your formal veggie garden if you have the room. They grow quickly and spread well, so give them space and watch them go.
Don’t let any yard space go to waste. Plant these highly productive berries along your fence line or at the edge of an impenetrable wooded area. After harvest, cut back older canes to the ground and dream of your impending harvest next year.
Show off your Willamette Raspberries as part of your edible garden. These healthy and delicious berries form on Willamette’sfaster-growing canes and can be used in a wide range of recipes, desserts and sauces!
Raspberries have become increasingly popular for their nutritional and antioxidant properties. They are a rich source of vitamin C as well as being high in manganese and dietary fiber. Eat them for both taste and health!
#ProPlantTips For CareThis erect variety produces fruit on floricanes, or the second year’s growth. You’ll want to give full sun in well-drained soil and give water as needed.
When the canes that produce the berries have all been harvested, those canes can be cut out to the ground and a whole fresh new crop of canes will already be growing from the ground by the time the berry harvest is done. Leave these new canes coming from the ground in place as they will produce the berries the following year.
A very popular variety, Willamette is generally free of insect and disease issues. This is a heavy producer. You’ll definitely want to include this in your edible landscape or backyard homestead.
Low maintenance, occasional pruning, and water during times of need are all these hardy canes require from you!
Plant in USDA growing zones 4 through 8 in the full sun for the most fruit, and partial shade in the hotter growing zones, favoring the afternoon shade and drying power of the morning sun.
Provide a moderately moist soil site that is well-drained and enriched with lots of good compost and organic matter. While partially drought tolerant once established, your Raspberry will do best with regular watering during the growing season.
Raspberries enjoy a good slow-release fertilizer or fertilizer geared for Berry bushes twice a year. We recommend Dr. Earth Natural Wonder Fruit & Berry Fertilizer Concentrate.
A generous layer of mulch helps retain soil moisture as well as insulate the root system from heat and chill.
Willamette Raspberry Bush will provide you loads of juicy berries for you and your family! Boost your health and food security by planting your own homegrown produce! Order today from NatureHills.com!