Cherokee Brave™ Dogwood Tree
Cherokee Brave™ Dogwood Tree

Cherokee Brave™ Dogwood Tree


Dogwoods can often appear dainty, with their slender, ornamental branching and beautiful, petal-like flowers! But the Cherokee Brave™ Dogwood (Cornus florida ‘Comco No. 1’) turns that perception on its head! This Dogwood is one tough tree! Early bloo

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Dogwoods can often appear dainty, with their slender, ornamental branching and beautiful, petal-like flowers! But the Cherokee Brave™ Dogwood (Cornus florida ‘Comco No. 1’) turns that perception on its head! This Dogwood is one tough tree!
Early blooming Cherokee Brave™ Dogwoods flowers reliably earlier in the spring than many other Dogwoods. They also leaf out earlier, shaking off the gray days of winter in haste.
Quickly followed are the big unique blossoms are actually bracts with button-like flowers in the centers. They have an interesting red glow that fades to a white center. Stunning in the garden or vase, these are long-lasting landing pads for pollinators!
Great fall color come Autumn, the leaves turn a beautiful shade of maroon that really lights up the landscape. Then there are the fall and winter fruit that emerge after the leaves drop! Between the red berries and soft grey bark, Cherokee Brave™ is striking in the winter landscape and provides food for birds and other wildlife!
It is super cold hardy, thriving up to USDA hardiness zone 9 and down to zone 5 and will stand up to weather conditions that makes many other Dogwoods shrive
Planting and Application:Cherokee Brave™ only grows 20 to 30 feet tall so it fits perfectly into any sized landscape! This will be a prized tree in your garden as a specimen or focal point. Highlight it on a raised berm to become the crown jewel of your front yard curb appeal, or shade your front stoop! A line along the driveway or as street trees will become the envy of the neighborhood!
Is there anything as eye-catching as an informal grouping of Dogwood along the far end of a pond? Plant odd numbers in informal groupings as a perfect woodland grove, or use several of these pretty maids all in a row as street trees or for lining a driveway. You’ll gain shade and wildlife sanctuaries!
Raise the canopy to shade a back patio or seating area in their cooling shade, or keep their lower limbs intact and use Cherokee Brave™ as a fantastic privacy hedgerow or shelterbelt! Mix and match with other Dogwoods or flowering trees and shrubs like Viburnum, Golden Rain Trees, Magnolia, Flowering Crabapples, Staghorn Sumac, and Evergreens for a patchwork quilt of color year round!
Lovely Light Pink Flower Bracts
Long-Lasting Spring Display
Nectar-Rich Resource for Butterflies
No Fruit/Sterile Flowers
Vigorous Cultivar with an Erect Habit
Attractive Foliage & Red-Purple Fall Color
Exquisite Branch Structure Looks Pretty All Year-Long!
Ornamental Tree for Modern Lots
#ProPlantTips for Care:Great in a sunny or semi-shady spot in your yard, Dogwood Trees are easy to care for and cold hardy and aren’t particular on soil type, but they really should be planted in moist, acidic well-drained soil. Once established, they can tolerate some drought, but to best protect your investment, provide supplemental watering. Tolerating slightly acidic soils, use appropriate organic fertilizers that help maintain this acidity and boost their health in early spring. Mulch the root system well to insulate from heat and cold, as well as hold in more moisture and water less often!
Prune if necessary in late winter to control size or shape, or after flowering to remove crossing branches and water growth. Low maintenance and very easy to care for once established. Dogwoods are naturally very pest resistant, disease-resistant, and drought-tolerant!
Full Sun & Partial/Afternoon Shade
Needs Well-Drained Acidic Soil
Moderate Moisture Needs & Drought Tolerant Once Established
Prune When Dormant
Low Maintenance Cultivar of Native Tree
Cold-Hardy & Pest/Disease Resistant
Buy a tree that keeps rugged adaptability and elegant beauty hand in hand with the Cherokee Brave™ Flowering Dogwood Tree from Nature Hills Nursery! Order today before they sell out!
Frequently Asked QuestionsHow big does a Flowering Dogwood get?
The Cherokee Brave™ Dogwood is a flowering ornamental that can grow 20 to 30 feet in height and has a similar spread.
Do Dogwoods like sun or shade?
The Cherokee Brave™ Flowering Dogwood tree does best in full sun and partial shade, preferring afternoon shade in warmer growing zones.
Where is the best place to plant a Flowering Dogwood?
Cherokee Brave™ Dogwood Trees do best in very well-drained acidic soil in a sunny to partly sunny location. They prefer consistent moisture and mulched, organic beds but are drought tolerant once established.
Are Dogwood Trees messy?
Not at all! Dogwood trees are deciduous trees that will drop leaves and the fruit in the fall. But the leaves are easy to rake up and birds carry away the fruit.
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