Cloud Nine Dogwood
Cloud Nine Dogwood

Cloud Nine Dogwood


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Heavenly drifts of pure white snow in spring! The Cloud Nine Dogwood (Cornus florida ‘Cloud Nine’) is a strong grower with light green foliage in the spring. But first, get ready for the drifts of absolutely stunning snow-white petal-like bracts with greenish-yellow button-like flowers in the center of each overlapping bract! The distinctive large blooms resemble stars and remain showy for a long time.
It has darker green foliage in the summer that casts a cooling shade, becoming the perfect foil for the spectacular glossy red berries that persist into the fall and winter! While the flowers feed a host of beneficial pollinators, the fruits are also a favorite of many songbirds as well as squirrels, rabbits, and raccoons. Fall also brings scarlet red leaves in the fall for a gorgeous last show!
Cloud Nine is a smaller, compact flowering ornamental tree and only grows 12-15 feet in height with an 8-10 food spread! Hardy throughout USDA growing zones 5 to 9, this deciduous tree is very easy to grow and highly resistant to pests and disease!
Planting and Application:Cloud 9 Dogwood is perfect along the wood’s edge, illuminating the understory and woodland settings with their brilliant white blooms! Use in combination with Azaleas, Viburnums, and Rhododendrons for wildlife-friendly hedges, groupings, or mixed privacy borders!
Cloud Nine is of course an amazing small, specimen lawn tree! You’ll want to plant this tree in an area that you can easily admire every day. Start every day walking on Cloud Nine! Neighbors’ heads will turn and your foundation plantings will gain a major curb appeal burst!
Gorgeous street trees, lining driveways and anchoring garden beds and paths, this amazing Dogwood will add value to your home’s landscape with its attractive flowers that add spring color, and its great compact shape that fits into any landscape. Every passerby will stop to admire your tree!
Showy Snow-White Flower Bracts
Dark Green Foliage
Stunning Scarlet Fall Color
Glossy Red Berries – Wildlife Food & Winter Décor
Pollinator & Bird-Friendly!
Captivating Small Specimen Tree, Specimen, Woodland Rows & Groupings
#ProPlantTips for Care:Grow in full sun to partial shade, Dogwood Trees like Cloud Nine prefer a rich, deep, well-drained soil and are not recommended for heavy, wet soils. Dogwoods are somewhat susceptible to drought, so be sure that sufficient water is provided during dry periods. They love having their root systems covered with a 3-4 inch thick layer of mulch to keep the root system evenly moist and cooler.
Prune Dogwood to shape when dormant, and remove water growth or suckers after flowering. Decide what you want to keep first, then remove crossed branches and branches heading into the interior of the canopy to open it up for sunlight penetration and air circulation.
Full Sun & Partial/Afternoon Shade
Needs Well-Drained Acidic Soil
Moderate Moisture Needs
Prune When Dormant
Tolerates Deer, & Pest/Disease-Resistant
Turn your landscaping around by simply adding your very own Cloud Nine Flowering Dogwood Tree! Order before it’s too late at Nature Hills Nursery!
Frequently Asked QuestionsHow big does a Japanese Flowering Dogwood get?
The Cloud Nine Dogwood is a varied ornamental that can grow 12-15 feet in height with an 8-10 food spread.
Do Dogwoods like sun or shade?
The Cloud Nine Japanese Dogwood tree flowers best in full sun for the most color and the most flowers and fruit, but also performs amazingly in partial shade.
Where is the best place to plant a Flowering Dogwood?
The Cloud Nine Dogwood Trees do best in very well-drained acidic soil in a sunny to partly sunny location. They prefer consistent moisture and mulched, organic beds.
Are Dogwood Trees messy?
Not at all! Dogwood trees are deciduous trees that will drop leaves and the fruit in the fall. But the leaves are easy to rake up and birds carry away the fruit.
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