European Variegated Dogwood
European Variegated Dogwood

European Variegated Dogwood


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Are you starting a new landscape design from scratch, or trying to fit one more shrub into a lavish garden? You’ll want to select easy-care plants like European Variegated Dogwood (Cornus alba ‘Argenteo-marginata’). It will provide visual interest in every season and works well in the small home garden.
Fast-growing and adaptable, gray-green leaves emerge with an outstanding variegation that stays vibrant and interesting all summer long. Each leaf is touched with wide, creamy-white leaf margins that bleed into the center.
The overall look is very light and bright. You’ll be enchanted with the cream and green foliage of this showy shrub. Clusters of white flowers develop into tiny berries in fall. You’ll attract butterflies and birds with European Variegated Dogwood.
In fall, the foliage can warm up with mellow, sunset hues, depending on the amount of sun it receives. Pink, purple, and red are sometimes seen all on the same shrub. The interior leaves can turn harvest gold. It’s a fantastic fall color display. Wintertime has its own appeal. If you live in an area with snowy winters, you need to include European Variegated Dogwood. The red stems are phenomenal against the snow in winter!
Planting and Application:This shrub is a lovely workhorse that can be used throughout your landscape. It won’t ask for much, and in return, you get to enjoy a beautiful plant all year long. Use this as a very effective and attractive privacy hedge. Plant 3 feet apart on center, measuring from the center of one to the center of the next.
We recommend allowing it to grow naturally as an untrimmed hedge. After all, the foliage itself has an elegant look, and the pretty spring blooms and fall berries are so ornamental. You’ll love how easy it is to maintain! Use it along the edge of the woods or plant near the water’s edge. It is dramatic in mass plantings.
It’s a great choice anywhere you need a bit more height. Include it in your mixed shrub border, and run along your fence as a backdrop to your favorite perennials. You can even add it to the corner of your house in your foundation planting accent.
Create a winter view with a massed planting of them. Why not start a collection of Redosier Dogwoods with help from Nature Hills? They are so easy and offer so much interest through the growing season! Grow yours as a shrub, or prune it into a multi-stemmed, single-stemmed, small tree. The tree form elevates the bright red wood in winter.
They look beautiful on the sunny side of taller evergreens or shelterbelts. Use a long row of them along the driveway as snow fencing. If you have a low-lying spot in your landscape, plant European Variegated Dogwood near the edge of a Rain Garden. You’ll help filter runoff from the rain before it hits your storm sewer.
You’ll love using the cut branches for seasonal decoration. Try them in exterior pots along your front walk, or either side of your front door, or to jazz up your garage doors. Bring them inside for Christmas and winter décor. You can use these beautiful branches in your winter pots and urns in the landscape.
Grow your own winter decorations! You’ll have a wonderful resource for the pretty, red stems. People in cold regions also love using them for winter decoration for pots and urns. Try them mixed with Holly and evergreen branches for dormant season displays.
Wonderful, Creamy-White, Variegated Leaves
Butterflies Love the Fragrant White Flower Clusters
Pink, Orange & Red Fall Color Display
Songbirds Eat the Tiny, White Berries
Narrower than it is Tall
Vivid Red Branches in Winter
Incredible Screening Hedge
Nicknamed Tatarian Dogwood
#ProPlantTips for Care:Dogwood shrubs can tolerate some shade throughout the day, but for the best winter stem color, give it plenty of sun. European Variegated Dogwood prefers moist soil that drains quickly. They can thrive in wet soils, sand, or clay with few maintenance issues or worries. They are easy to grow and establish, however, once they are established, they seem to grow just about anywhere. Apply a thick layer of mulch after planting, to keep the root system nice and cool, and keep the foliage clean from mud splashing during rain.
Prune it hard in late winter to early spring to keep your plants healthy, vigorous, and the most colorful. Please note that the new growth is the most brilliantly colored. This simple yearly pruning to thin out some branches are perfect for winter décor. Each fall, perform a renewal pruning, by cutting out a few of the oldest, thickest stems to the ground. Your plant should look healthy and last for decades in your landscape.
Full Sun or Partial Shade
Tolerates Average to Wet Soils
Prune Late Winter/Eary Spring
Deer Don’t Prefer the Taste
Extremely Cold Hardy & Deer Tend to Leave it Alone
Easy to Grow and Maintain
Brighten up the landscape with this stunning variety. You’ll love the high quality of the professional landscape-grade material from the expert growers at Nature Hills. Order yours today!
Frequently Asked QuestionsHow fast does European Variegated Dogwood grow?
The European Variegated Dogwood shrub is a fast-growth rate and can add about a foot or so of new growth each growing season.
Is European Variegated Dogwood fragrant?
The European Variegated Dogwood does have fragrant blossoms!
How big does European Variegated Dogwood get?
The European Variegated Dogwood can reach 6 – 10 feet in height and 5 – 8 feet wide in optimal conditions.
Will European Variegated Dogwood grow in full sun?
The European Variegated Dogwood grows in full sun and partial shade, and does not do well in shade.
Is European Variegated Dogwood good for wildlife?
The European Variegated Dogwood is a fantastic wildlife shrub and it’s a pollinator-friendly native that feeds birds with its fruit and is even a caterpillar host plant.
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