Red Flowering Dogwood
Red Flowering Dogwood

Red Flowering Dogwood


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Standout color and four-season interest! The Red Flowering Dogwood Tree (Cornus florida) is a traditional native Dogwood in an exceptional color offering that provides year-round interest! You will know that spring has truly arrived when your Red Flowering Dogwood leaps into action!
Gorgeous pink blooms mature to a deeper ruby-red and will cover this native tree starting before the leaves appear and lasting long after other spring bloomers quit. To add to this spectacular show the new foliage starts out red then matures to glossy emerald green. The red and green leaves form the most perfect backdrop to the pink and crimson blossoms that last well into the spring season.
In fall, your Red Flowering Dogwood will transform again. Its leaves turn stunning fall color shades of bright scarlet, burgundy, and amber. Sure to brighten even the furthest corner of your yard! The Red Flowering Dogwood will start to shed its leaves in late fall, but that’s when glossy, ruby-red fruits are revealed. Not only will the branches provide a feast for songbirds, but they will also be a wonderful addition to your winter décor.
As proof of their beauty, the Dogwood Festival in Atlanta, GA. brings visitors from far and wide to celebrate this tree’s brilliant flowering period.
Planting and Application:As a standout specimen tree and anchoring plant in your planting beds. These ornamental flowering trees really highlight your property and boost curb appeal! The Red Flowering Dogwoods’ size makes it easy to add to any landscape. Plant it near a patio or window where you can enjoy it all year long!
Flowering trees are always lovely as a front yard accent plant or a specimen highlighting your entry. Just as perfect shading your hammock as they are soaking up the shade themselves beneath larger trees along the back of your property with other perimeter trees and shrubs; without the fear that deer will eat them up.
Tall enough to provide lush shade, Dogwood trees look fantastic around patios and seating areas where they’ll add soothing, cooling shade. Be sure to plant where you can view this amazing plant year-round! Perfect for pin-point privacy to hide the view into a bedroom window, while enhancing your view out!
The rosy-red blooms attract hosts of pollinators and the red berries attract birds, making Red Flowering Dogwood amazing wildlife trees! Plant among other trees and shrubs that grow in shade to brighten dreary corners or provide interest in those places the lawn doesn’t like to grow.
Add Flowering Dogwood among other plantings with similar early flowering trees and shrubs, creating an impactful spring display to chase away the winter blues! Line your drive or shade your walkways and paths with these lovely trees, or define your property line while adding some privacy that both you and your neighbors won’t mind! You’ll love including these as glorious street trees.
Long-Lasting Pink Bracts Mature Ruby Red in Spring
Pollinators Love The Blooms
Red Seeds for Fall Interest & Songbirds
Incredible Red to Burgundy Fall Color
Great Patio Tree & Understory
#ProPlantTips for Care:Dogwood Trees can tolerate partial shade in most locations, these are easy to care for in full sun in cooler summer climates where the summer sun isn’t as intense. Cold hardy in growing zones 5 through 9, Red Dogwood trees aren’t particular on soil type, but they really should be planted in moist, acidic well-drained soil. Once established, they can tolerate some drought, but to best protect your investment, provide supplemental watering. Tolerating slightly acidic soils, use appropriate organic fertilizers that help maintain this acidity and boost their health in early spring.
Dogwood trees do not like standing water. If puddles remain on your soil after a rain, or watering, consider elevating the planting area by adding 18 – 24 inches of soil above the native soil line and plant your tree directly in that mound. Mulch the root system well to insulate from heat and cold, as well as hold in more moisture and water less often!
Take care when applying lawn fertilizers near flowering trees. These high-nitrogen formulas are designed to produce foliage, but will not support flower development. Instead, apply an all-purpose fertilizer for blooming plants in early spring. Reapply in mid-summer, following label directions for application rates. Prune if necessary in late winter or after blooming in spring to remove crossing branches and water growth, or to control the shape.
Versatile Full Sun to Partial Shade
Needs Well-Drained Acidic Soil
Prune When Dormant
Easy Care & Low Maintenance
Pest & Disease Resistant, Drought Tolerant & Deer Tolerant
This Dogwood variety has unique rose-red blooms and is a versatile addition to all landscapes! Easy care and hardy, low maintenance, Red Flowering Dogwoods will become amazing additions to your landscape! Order your own standout flowering ornamental tree from Nature Hills Nursery while they last!
Frequently Asked QuestionsHow big does a Flowering Dogwood get?
The Red Flowering Dogwood is a flowering ornamental native that can grow 15 – 30 feet tall with a 15 – 20 foot width.
Do Flowering Dogwoods like sun or shade?
The Red Flowering Dogwood tree does best in full sun and partial shade, preferring afternoon shade in warmer growing zones.
Where is the best place to plant a Flowering Dogwood?
Red Flowering Dogwood Trees do best in very well-drained acidic soil in a sunny location. They prefer consistent moisture and mulched, organic beds.
Are Dogwood Trees messy?
No! Dogwood trees are deciduous trees that will drop leaves and the fruit in the fall. But these leaves are easy to rake and the fruit is carried off by birds.
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