Shirazz Japanese Maple
Shirazz Japanese Maple

Shirazz Japanese Maple


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Like the world’s best vintages…the arching branches and long, colorful foliage of Shirazz Japanese Maple (Acer palmatum ‘Shirazz’) spark conversation and invite a deeper, more intimate study. Exquisite, deeply lobed, multi-colored leaves are-bright pink with white margins aging to a blend of green, pink and white.
Shirazz foliage changes color over the seasons, just like it’s dressing for the occasion. Festive summer hues are replaced by a deep, saturate scarlet red for dramatic fall color.
Planting and Application:You’ll love this showy specimen tree in either full sun or partial shade. This choice tree is a great mixer to use throughout your landscape…repeat in different planting beds to effortlessly bring the whole garden together.
Shirazz Japanese Maple is a wonderful courtyard tree that grows relatively quickly as a young tree. Drape it behind your seating or above a special garden sculpture.
Plant three of them to decorate a raised berm for a fantastic landscape feature. Don’t worry too much about equal spacing…consider letting them flow over the lay of the land for a natural look.
If you are blessed with woodlands on your property, use Shirazz Japanese Maple trees to embolden the semi-shaded border. Add several to creatively highlight the contrast between their stylish form and the rustic woods.
Shirazz does need well-drained soil, but looks so beautiful reflected in a pond or water feature! Elevate their planting site with extra soil to ensure their root systems aren’t in standing water…and enjoy the vista.
These petite trees make great container trees for use on a patio or balcony. Choose an oversized container with good drainage for best results.
#ProPlantTips for Care: Get the best performance in well-drained soil with full sun or partial shade. They require at least four hours of sunlight a day; afternoon shade is appreciated in the hottest summers.
Tuck symbiotic Nature Hills Root Booster in the planting hole for a life-long support that protects your investment. Get more expert planting tips from the Horticulture team.
Use an even schedule of water and add three inches of mulch over the root zone to suppress weeds and keep the roots cool. Always pull mulch away from directly touching the trunk for proper air circulation.
Prune in late winter only to correct damaged branches. Dwarf Shirazz Japanese Maple is a well-balanced, vase-shaped tree that is low-maintenance and requires little ongoing pruning.