Alexandrina Saucer Magnolia
Alexandrina Saucer Magnolia

Alexandrina Saucer Magnolia


Spectacular Alexandrina Saucer Magnolia Showy, Fragrant Spring Flowers Easy to Grow! Extremely Versatile Deer Resistant Draws Pollinators and Hummingbirds! Dark-Purple Blooms Fade To Near White Rounded Form Large Shrub or Small Tree Privacy Hed

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Spectacular Alexandrina Saucer MagnoliaShowy, Fragrant Spring Flowers
Easy to Grow!
Extremely Versatile
Deer Resistant
Draws Pollinators and Hummingbirds!
Dark-Purple Blooms Fade To Near White
Rounded Form
Large Shrub or Small Tree
Privacy Hedge or Ornamental Specimen
Full Sun to Part Shade
Magnolias are simply magnificent. The Alexandrina Saucer Magnolia (Magnolia x soulangeana ‘Alexandrina’) is a beautiful ornamental shrub that can become a lovely specimen plant in your landscape.
This selection of Saucer Magnolia was chosen specifically for its wonderful, dark-purple flower buds, and huge cup-shaped flowers with light pink and white interiors. The massive flower display is phenomenal.
Unbeatable Fragrant Flower DisplayMagnolia flowers are darkest in bud and lighten as they open and age on the plant. You’ll be amazed watching the darker-colored flower buds elongate and begin to open in early spring. Alexandrina’s flowers bloom into cups a full six-ten inches across.
The sweet fragrance of this flowering tree will soon draw nectar and pollen-gathering insects to your yard.
As summer advances, vibrant 6-inch-long, dark green leaves will fill out your Magnolia. As they grow, Magnolias deliver a lovely rounded form, with a symmetry that will compliment any location in your yard.
The Saucer Magnolia is a beautiful flowering shrub or small tree for your yard with unique spring flowers you’ll enjoy for years to come.
People love using this tree in their yards. Order today for the best selection and get started on this new love affair.
How to Use Alexandrina Saucer Magnolia in the LandscapeThe Magnolia prefers a bit of protection from spring frosts, so placement beside your house or outbuilding with southern exposures would be a good choice.
This is such a versatile plant. Use it as a tree form by removing the low branches, or leave them on to use as a shrub form. Both options make a delightful impact in the yard.
However you choose to use them, make sure you plant Magnolias up close and personal so you can enjoy the flowers. Plant a specimen outside of a large bank of windows in your back yard, or near your front door or patio too. You’ll want to savor the massive flower display, so site it where you can enjoy it.
For a formal look, use two Alexandrina Magnolias on either side to complement a Colonial-style or traditional home.
Trim the bottom branches off of your Magnolia and use it as a small specimen tree in your yard, or even as a street tree in front of your home if they do not use a lot of road salt in your area. They make wonderful trees.
Keep the bottom branches on to anchor the corner of your home. It can act as a showy backdrop to a wonderful mixed border.
Magnolia trees with their lower branches left intact can behave as showy, open privacy screens. You won’t feel hemmed in, but your neighbors won’t have a clear sight into your yard.
#ProPlantTips for CareAlexandrina Magnolias enjoy full sun and even moisture. Using mulch beneath your plants will benefit the health of your plants immensely. Just make sure you don’t place any mulch up against the trunks. The mulch will keep the soil moisture more even, keep the weeds down, and is aesthetically very pleasing. So, mulch is beneficial and pretty, as well.
Right after the blooms fade, you can do some light pruning for more formal situations. Any pruning done in winter dormancy will remove flowers from the branches. Be sure to study the Plant Highlights to understand the mature height and spread (width) of this wonderful plant.
Give it enough room to grow, as you won’t want to lose any flowers. Site it correctly to allow room to truly enjoy this plant as it gets larger. You’ll adore those flowers!
Add Root Booster packets to your Magnolia order to help your new plant make new roots quickly. Careful attention to watering at planting and during periods of dry weather will keep your plants healthy and vigorous and stress free.
Place your order now, this is a wonderful choice.