D.D. Blanchard Southern Magnolia Tree
D.D. Blanchard Southern Magnolia Tree

D.D. Blanchard Southern Magnolia Tree


Fabulous Specimen Tree D.D. Blanchard Southern Magnolia Tree Magnificent, Larger-Sized Broad-Leaved Evergreen Tree Tight, Upright Pyramidal Growth Outstanding Visual Screen Huge Cup-Shaped Flowers Smell Like Lemons in Spring Large Glossy Leaves Hav

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Fabulous Specimen Tree D.D. Blanchard Southern Magnolia TreeMagnificent, Larger-Sized Broad-Leaved Evergreen Tree
Tight, Upright Pyramidal Growth
Outstanding Visual Screen
Huge Cup-Shaped Flowers Smell Like Lemons in Spring
Large Glossy Leaves Have Rusty-Brown Undersides
Use Branches as Amazing Floral Arrangements
Tolerant of Urban Pollutants
The phenomenal D.D. Blanchard Southern Magnolia (Magnolia grandiflora ‘D.D. Blanchard’) is a staff favorite at Nature Hills Nursery. It features outstanding ornamental qualities, from the beautiful dark leaves to the large, fragrant blossoms.
This tree deserves room to develop into its full height and spread. While it does have a tightly narrow, upright growth habit, you’ll want to study the Plant Highlights and allow it the space it needs for the best result. You won’t want to prune this magnificent, upright specimen tree for size and risk losing the charming balance of the canopy.
D.D. Blanchard may be one of the most magnificent Magnolia tree varieties for the yard available on the market today. It’s blessedly low maintenance, and the average or large landscape is perfectly suited for it.
Incorporate this special tree as the main specimen in your landscape design. You’ll love the formal look of its straight central leader.
This strong evergreen has the classic Magnolia leaf shape-glossy green on top and fuzzy brown on the bottom. The large leaves make a big visual impact. Add a branch or two in a tall vase. You’ll look like a professional designer, even without the fabulous flowers.
A single D.D. Blanchard Southern Magnolia flower can perfume a whole room. They are big flowers with a big lemony scent to match. The classic, vase shape blooms are at once traditional, but also have a bold, streamlined appeal that feels very modern.
In late summer or early fall, the beautiful, creamy white flowers give way to a cone-like sphere that contains many rose-colored seeds. They’ll add an additional, attractive display to the canopy in their season.
You’ll never regret selecting this wonderful Magnolia variety for your yard this year! Order from the expert growers at Nature Hills today. You’ll appreciate the top-grade quality of our plant material. We ship directly from the field to your doorstep.
How to Use D.D. Blanchard Southern Magnolia in the LandscapeThere are many ways to enjoy this versatile tree. The beauty of this great Magnolia is shown to perfection as a single-trunk tree. Remove the lower limbs from the trunk. You can limb up your tree to raise the canopy to suit your needs.
D.D. Blanchard grows with a pyramidal shape that is somewhat open, but still balanced and full in appearance. You’ll appreciate how it allows filtered sunlight through, unlike its densely canopied relatives. It’s possible to underplant this variety with a pretty collection of Hydrangeas and Hostas.
Or, allow the limbs to grow all the way to the ground. D.D. Blanchard trees look stunning with the canopy beginning at the ground and majestically shooting straight up into the sky. When left alone, the tree creates its own shade to the root.
Doing this allows use as a large, attractive evergreen privacy screen and sound barrier in a naturalized landscape. You’ll easily block out unwanted views when multiple trees are planted in a row 10 to 15 feet apart on center. Measure from the center of one to the center of the next.
#ProPlantTips for CareD.D. Blanchard Southern Magnolia has no pest or disease problems. It is virtually maintenance free.
The growth rate does benefit from regular feeding of Dr. Earth Acid Lovers Organic and Natural Premium Fertilizer applied in mid-summer and again in autumn for the first 3 to 5 years. Organic fertilizers are not fast-acting, so a fall application allows for the fertilizer to be taken into the soil. It will be ready by spring to provide a boost to the spring flush of growth.
D.D. Blanchard Magnolia has a moderate growth rate and does best in well-drained soils that receive regular water. Do not over-water, as this can slow the growth rate of the tree.
Plant in a rich soil, high in organic matter with a slightly acid pH of between 6.0 and 6.5. Mulching will be very beneficial in the first few years in the ground.
The tree is great in both full sun and partial shade locations. Protect your tree from the hot afternoon sun in zones 8 and 9. Once established the plant can tolerate brief periods of drought, especially when mulched or when the canopy is allowed to begin at the ground.
Don’t wait to order, you’ll love the way this very special tree performs in your landscape. Order D.D. Blanchard Southern Magnolia from Nature Hills today.
Tree Form vs. Shrub FormThe details make all the difference in a garden. At Naturehills.com, we understand that little things like what form a plant is can greatly impact how you plan your landscape. So before you buy, don’t forget to check which form you’re getting.
Tree Form: These are plants that have one stem coming from the ground. Plants can also be considered single stem when lower branches are removed to raise the height of the branching to a more desired height. Sometimes, you will hear a tree form referred to as a single stem.
Shrub Form:These are bushy plants with many stems and branchings close to the ground. They are referred to as shrubs or bushes and are often shorter than their tree forms.