Jane Magnolia Tree
Jane Magnolia Tree

Jane Magnolia Tree


Jane Magnolia for Smaller Yards Beautiful, Fragrant Spring Flowers Small Tree or Large Hedge Blooms a Bit Later Than Other Magnolias Full Sun Long-Lasting Reddish-Purple Tulip-Shaped Blooms Hardy & Adaptable Care-Free Attractive Foliage Specim

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Jane Magnolia for Smaller YardsBeautiful, Fragrant Spring Flowers
Small Tree or Large Hedge
Blooms a Bit Later Than Other Magnolias
Full Sun
Reddish-Purple Tulip-Shaped Blooms
Hardy & Adaptable
Attractive Foliage
Specimen Plant or Privacy Hedge!
The beautiful Jane Magnolia tree (Magnolia x ‘Jane’) is prized for its abundant, long-lasting reddish-purple blooms, fragrance and showy color. Plant them as a hedge along your house or as a single accent at the edge of a patio planting bed.
Jane gives you all the fabulous features you love, without having to make a commitment to a lot of space or care. You’ll adore the 8-9 inch, tulip-shaped flowers of purple with white centers, appearing in late spring, prior to its leaves. It will keep reblooming here and there throughout the season.
This is a hardy plant. You won’t have to fuss over it in order to enjoy its performance. The fuzzy covers on the buds protect them from frost damage, protecting the delicate Magnolia blooms. It will start making some smaller leaves just as the flowers begin to show color.
Attractive, 6-inch leathery, dark-green leaves cover the Jane for summer. The leaves turn a lovely copper-yellow in the fall. Jane Magnolia is a deciduous plant that will drop its leaves in fall.
Magnolia Jane is one of the “Little Girl” series of hybrids developed in the 1960s. Live in a cold climate? Jane starts blooming a bit later in the early spring than other Saucer or hybrid Magnolias, which protects the beautiful, cup-shaped blooms from late frost. This is wonderful news for gardeners in growing zones 4 – 6.
Why wait? Get started with your order and start enjoying this lovely shrub or small tree.
How to Use Jane Magnolia in the LandscapeThe Jane has a compact appearance. You can prune it to fit a smaller space in your flower bed if you like, or allow it to reach its full potential size in a hedge. It is versatile, and Jane plants can be used as either trees or shrubs.
Plant this carefree Magnolia and you’ll soon understand why it’s such a sought-after landscape accent. Jane Magnolia is a bit more refined, staying slightly smaller in the landscape, which might make it more suitable for either side of a front entrance.
If you’d like a standout flowering screen, try to plant your Jane Magnolia in a slightly zig-zagging row a bit less than 4 feet apart. They’ll grow together and form a continuous garden wall. What a wonderful sense of ornamental privacy in your landscape!
After all, smaller, lower-branched plants make fantastic screening near your patio for some welcome privacy from the neighbors. And with those incredibly large flowers, which start out looking like big purple tulips that are born on the tips of each branch, why not choose a Magnolia?
Jane would also make a fantastic informal hedge with the most amazing flower display of darker purple flower buds. As the flowers of this deciduous tree begin to open, the flower color fades and exposes light pink interiors that fade to white. The two-toned purplish and white flowers are fragrant and so very showy. The flowers are the main reason that Magnolias are grown!
You’d also love using this tree as the focal point in a garden or specimen in a front or back yard. Or start your own Magnolia collection with groupings or a hedge of flowering trees and/or other Magnolia varieties! Include the Ann or Betty Magnolia or contrast with a buttery yellow Magnolia Butterflies tree or a white Star Magnolia.
#ProPlantTips for Plant CareIt’s easy to keep your Magnolia Jane trees happy! Plant it in a full sun location in well-drained soil and give it additional moisture as needed each week throughout the growing season.
Cold hardy in USDA growing zones 4 through 8. Preferring organically rich loamy soil, these are also tolerant of any type of soil, including clay soil, so long as it is well-drained. Featuring a medium growth rate, keep moderate moisture available and don’t let Magnolia go too long through drought without supplemental watering.
Magnolia trees love a nice layer of arborist chips or shredded mulch over the to of the roots. Always be careful not to apply the mulch up against the trunks of any plant. Keep the mulch away from the trunks by six inches or so but lay a nice layer of 3-4 inches over the root system. Remember, plants that are healthy and vigorous are far less susceptible to problems than plants that are stressed.
Jane is a great choice. Order yours today!
Frequently Asked QuestionsHow to Grow a Jane Magnolia Tree
Magnolia tree care only requires full sun and moderately moist, enriched well-drained soil for best results. In hot hardiness zones, Jane Magnolia appreciates afternoon shade or partial shade.
How big do Jane Magnolia trees get?
The Jane Magnolia can reach a demure 10-15 feet in mature height and a mature width of 8-10 in optimal conditions.
What is the difference between Ann Magnolia and Jane Magnolia?
The difference between these two members of the Little Girl series, the Ann and Jane Magnolia is that Ann has purple-red-pink blossoms and is a slightly smaller shrub form, while Jane has soft pink blooms and is a tree-form
Is a Jane Magnolia a bush or a tree?
Jane Magnolia is sold as a tree-form with a higher canopy and a multi-trunked form.
Do Jane Magnolias bloom twice a year?
The main bloom time for Jane Magnolia is in spring but once the summer heat passes, you may enjoy a few sporadic blooms later until autumn.
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