Little Gem Magnolia Tree
Little Gem Magnolia Tree

Little Gem Magnolia Tree


Fragrant Flowers on Petite Little Gem Magnolia Tree Dwarf Flowering Magnolia Works in Smaller Modern Yards Beautifully Shaped Narrow Pyramidal Tree Fragrant, Waxy White Flowers Bring a Tropical Look and Sweet Scent Extravagant Bloom Production in Ea

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Fragrant Flowers on Petite Little Gem Magnolia TreeDwarf Flowering Magnolia Works in Smaller Modern Yards
Beautifully Shaped Narrow Pyramidal Tree
Fragrant, Waxy White Flowers Bring a Tropical Look and Sweet Scent
Extravagant Bloom Production in Early Summer
Sporadic Blooms Through Fall
Native Tree
Elegant, Bi-Colored Lustrous Green and Bronze Brown Leaves
Easy Care, Especially Once Established
Can Be Grown in Containers
One of the most versatile of all the Magnolias, the Little Gem Magnolia (Magnolia grandiflora Little Gem’) is the right size for many different landscape applications. It is proud to be one of the most important of all the Magnolias in the home garden.
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Native to the southeastern United States, the Little Gem was a select seeding discovered in 1952 and has been grown in the US National Arboretum since the late 1950s. It graces gardens all across Zones 7 – 9.
Magnolias are those decorative evergreens found in gardens all over the US. Their big, beautiful leaves and massive, sweet-smelling flowers are always welcome in the landscape. Unfortunately, most modern gardens aren’t big enough to handle a full-sized magnolia tree.
Although this tree still grows to an impressive height, Little Gem is one-third the size of a standard Southern Magnolia. The more compact habit and the slower growth make this the perfect tree for a smaller backyard or as an accent tree in a larger garden.
Little Gem Magnolia is a shrub-like tree that has all of the great qualities of a full-sized Magnolia. But you can grow it in much less space.
As a bonus, this right-sized tree produces even more blooms than the species. These 8-inch, creamy-white flowers even last longer than their bigger cousins. With extremely fragrant spring blooms as the growing season kicks off, Little Gem continues to rebloom sporadically through fall. You’ll enjoy these sweetly fragrant flowers for almost a full six months of the year!
The decorative leathery, lustrous evergreen leaves are dark green on top and have fuzzy, rusty brown undersides. Be sure to include these leaves in cut floral arrangements and use to create elegantly festive seasonal wreaths.
A dwarf variety of the magnificent native Southern Magnolia, these compact evergreen trees stay narrow enough to fit in modern landscapes. If you have limited planting space, the narrow column shape of Gem Magnolia trees will fit just about anywhere.
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How to Grow Little Gem Magnolia in the LandscapeUse Little Gem Magnolia tree as a patio accent tree, a background tree for a perennial garden or for a beautiful privacy screen.
Yes, you can use this tree as a privacy screen or hedge! Extend the height of your hardscaped fence with fragrant, flowering trees. Little Gem will really do the trick to block unwanted views all year long.
Plant them 5 feet on center. Measure from the trunk of one tree to the trunk of the next.
What a magnificent tree to include in your landscape design. Its narrow spread works in today’s smaller lots.
Use this versatile tree as you like. Keep the lowest limbs on the trunk for a shrubbier look or remove them to raise the height of the canopy.
Give it room to grow to its full height or keep it pruned for size with regular pruning. If allowed to grow naturally into its full height and narrow pyramidal shape, plant this tree at least 4 or 5 feet away from the house. It will be a wonderful lawn tree in a mulched bed.
Why not increase the impact by creating an organically shaped raised berm that is anchored with a Little Gem? Or, use two trees, one on either side of your front walkway. You’ll instantly ground your house to the land and really boost the curb appeal.
This tree is also ideal to use as a patio container plant. Use the largest containers you can afford or create your own Hypertufa containers. They will stay smaller, but you should plan to prune in summer or fall as needed.
Little Gem makes a very memorable potted tree for your deck. Use a series of multiple trees as a lush poolside accent. Place one on either side of the front door to welcome visitors.
#ProPlantTips for CareLittle Gem Magnolia is native to the wet lowland of the southeastern United States. As you can imagine, it will require regular watering and increased irrigation during extremely warm dry periods.
Plant in well-drained soil in full sun to part shade locations. Little Gem Magnolia grows lush and full if given a spot in full sun.
In Zones 7 – 8, it will grow in partial shade conditions but may become a bit airer with reduced blooming. However, in warm, dry climates of Zone 9, Little Gem should be planted in a location with morning sun and afternoon shade for best results.
Little Gem doesn’t like root competition from other plants. Keep things easy for yourself by creating a mulched planting bed underneath your tree. Mulch 3 to 4 inches deep out 3 feet from the outside of the canopy to keep the root system cool and to maintain surface moisture.
This super tough tree can handle winters better than most. In the South, it will be an evergreen tree, keeping its eye-catching leaves on the tree through the growing seasons in hardiness zones 8 – 9. In colder winters in Zone 7, the Little Gem may become deciduous but will refoliate quickly in the spring.
In summer to early fall, you’ll see red-coated seeds develop in the decorative seed pods. The tree is low maintenance and has no disease or pest problems. You can easily keep it to any height with simple pruning and shaping.
Little Gem Magnolia is a tree with luxurious deep green and bronze brown leaves and bold, waxy white fragrant flowers. Let it become a statement in your landscape. Order yours from the expert growers at Nature Hills today!
Tree Form vs. Shrub FormThe details make all the difference in a garden. At, we understand that little things like what form a plant is can greatly impact how you plan your landscape. So before you buy, don’t forget to check which form you’re getting.
Tree Form: These are plants that have one stem coming from the ground. Plants can also be considered single stem when lower branches are removed to raise the height of the branching to a more desired height. Sometimes, you will hear a tree form referred to as a single stem.
Shrub Form:These are bushy plants with many stems and branchings close to the ground. They are referred to as shrubs or bushes and are often shorter than their tree forms.