Swamp Chestnut Oak
Swamp Chestnut Oak

Swamp Chestnut Oak


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The gorgeous wetland native Swamp Chestnut Oak Tree (Quercus michauxii) is a White Oak with rounded lobed green leaves and distinctive pale gray scaly bark! Long-lived trees that form tall, symmetrical, and sturdy profiles, these majestic shade trees are a true legacy!
The foliage is reminiscent of the Chinkipin – glossy and oval, with a curious rippled edge. These natives can reach upwards of 40 – 60 feet in height but maintain a narrow, rounded crown 30 – 50 feet wide. After the unique sprays of greenish blooms are done, the characteristic Acorns develop among the semi-gloss leaves as fall approaches!
Fall brings beautiful red hues and acorns for your local wildlife! Cows even enjoy these tasty nuggets, giving rise to their other name the Cow Oak, and Basket Oak because the wood was used to weave baskets. Preferring warmer climates, Swamp Chestnut Oak grows in humid climates and hot summers of USDA growing zones 5 to 9.
Planting and Application:Oak Trees are already magnificent landscaping trees, and these large specimens are towering lawn or street trees and Swamp Chestnut are quite easy to grow in average conditions. But these true wetland trees can just as easily grow in marshes and swamps in nature, but you can readily plant along streams or ponds, and Rain Gardens!
The strong limbs handle snow-load and are grand windbreaks! Plant one as a majestic backyard Shade Tree that will shade your landscape and home, and reduce heating bills, while drawing wildlife and songbirds from near and far like a beacon!
Tall Rounded & Narrow Form
Wavy Rounded Leaf Margins
Ornamental Acorns & Fall Color
Wildlife & Historical Importance
Attracts a Wide Range of Birds & Wildlife
Long-Lived Mightly Shade Trees, Rain Gardens & Wetlands
#ProPlantTips for Care:These wetland Oak Trees thrive in moist, well-drained soils in a native capacity throughout most of the US. Preferring acidic soil, Swamp Chestnut Oaks tolerate moist to wet conditions and even tolerate occasional flooding and even drought once established!
Apply a 3-4 inch deep layer of arborist mulch over the root systems of young trees and trees planted in drier, hotter climates. Prune in late winter to correct shape and remove crossing limbs.
Full Sun Trees
Moist to Wet Soil
Prefers Acidic Well-Drained Soil
Prune When Dormant
Highly Adaptable Once Established
Native wetland trees, the Swamp Chestnut Oak Tree is an enormous boon to your landscape, your curb appeal, wildlife and birds! Order your impressive legacy trees at NatureHills.com today!