Burgundy Sweetgum Tree
Burgundy Sweetgum Tree

Burgundy Sweetgum Tree


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Bold, dynamic fall color, the Burgundy Sweetgum Tree (Liquidambar styraciflus ‘Burgundy’) features a beautiful deep, red/purple, long-lasting fall color and a wonderfully bold, upright character. This tree makes a statement in any yard with its deeply textured corky trunk and distinctive large, glossy, star-shaped leaves, which turn heads in fall!
The spring flower clusters become persistent spikey seed balls that birds love! But standing back one will notice that the narrow Burgundy is a very balanced pyramidal tree that tapers down from a central leader. When space is limited, this modern variety is the right choice!
As a columnar tree, it will grow tall, but not too wide for you. The Burgundy’s canopy presents a dense columnar appearance with dark rich summer green foliage. You may also be looking for a tree that develops “knock your socks off”, an incredibly brilliant fall color. Well, this is it!
The outstanding color spans across shades from deep crimson, to glistening burgundy tones that seem to shimmer in the daytime sunlight. The display lasts for over a month – even if you live in a warmer climate! Hardy throughout USDA growing zones 5 to 9, these tall trees only spread 20-30 feet wide.
Planting and Application:This ornamental tree fits into side yards and around the landscape just beautifully! Give its roots at least 10 feet of wiggle room from patios, sidewalks, or walkways, and add a 10-foot wide swath of mulch beneath the canopy to catch the spikey seed balls that birds adore! Tuck a few lounge chairs or a hammock and bask in the shade!
Use the Burgundy Sweet Gum to block the hot afternoon sun, accent your property line, or plant in multiples to create a delightfully shady summer sitting area! A wonderful tree to line a driveway with or to screen out an unwanted view. The Burgundy’s beautiful balance structure makes it a very formal-looking tree in the landscape.
Not minding moister soil locations, these adaptable trees can handle areas around Rain Gardens, near ponds, and along streams and water features!
Unique Star-Shaped Leaves
Columnar Shade Tree Fits In Small Landscapes
Brilliant Burgundy/Purple Fall Foliage!
Moderate to Fast Growth Rate
Gorgeous Specimens, Shade Trees & Accents
#ProPlantTips for Care:Best in full sun and well-drained, moist, and slightly acidic average soils, but can tolerate wetter soils and periodic drought for a short time, including salt, alkaline, and clay sites. Establish your tree with careful watering, and thereafter, water regularly to protect your investment. Sweetgum trees are pest and disease-free and easy to grow and care for! It’s easy to grow and will achieve good height quickly!
Apply a 3-4 inch deep layer of pine bark or pine straw mulch to young trees, and spread it three feet outside the canopy. Spread the mulch out further for mature trees to keep the spiked seedpods from getting into the lawn. You will need to do little or no pruning, but if you do prune, it is best to trim in the spring.
Best in Full Sun
Moderate to High Moisture
Drought Tolerant Once Established
Widely Adaptable In Any Well-Drained Soil
Minimal Maintenance – Prune Early Spring
With today’s smaller lot sizes, the Burgundy Liquidambar Sweetgum Tree might be the perfect all-around shade tree! Order your new favorite fall color trees today from Nature Hills!