Valentine® Bleeding Heart
Valentine® Bleeding Heart

Valentine® Bleeding Heart


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You won’t want to miss out on Valentine® Bleeding Heart (Dicentra spectabilis ‘Hordival’ PP #22,739) for a breathtaking spring display that performs beautifully in shade. Study how the arched red stems cradle their brilliant bevy of dangling, heart-shaped blooms.
Go ahead and run your finger along the flowering inflorescence to set the downturned puffy blooms swinging to and fro. Be sure to show the kids in your life…they’ll be fascinated by the orange-red flowers.
Planting and Application:This ephemeral selection of a North American native has compound leaves that melt back after blooming. Give it lovely support with partners like Hosta, Tiarella Foam Flower and Coral Bells that can take over as the season progresses.
No woodland path would be complete without the delight of discovery as new spring blooms appear. Tuck Valentine Bleeding Heart here and there to bring joy on special spring walks.
Use with spring flowering bulbs for a tender underplanting beneath Redbud or Flowering Dogwood trees. For many gardeners, the Valentine Bleeding Heart flower represents the “real” start of the new growing season.
Plant several of them under a Japanese Maple with Japanese Painted Ferns and Japanese Anemone for a lovely garden feature. You’ll have something gorgeous happening all season-long!
Coordinate an endearing garden theme by pairing the heart-shaped leaves of Siberian Bugloss and Bergenia with Dicentra Bleeding Heart Valentine. Why not enliven the base of a Climbing Hydrangea Vine privacy screen for outstanding, fragrant summer flowers?
Or, simply consider this a seasonal accent in a patio pot…planting it up the fall before. After all, there is nothing as eye-catching as a Valentine Bleeding Heart in full glory!
#ProPlantTips for Care: Provide a sheltered planting site for this pretty herbaceous perennial. It does best with no more than four hours of sunlight a day.
Give it life-long support with symbiotic Nature Hills Root Booster used in the planting hole. .
Apply supplemental water on a regular basis, especially in dry weather. Mulch over the base of the plant to keep it cool and moist; taking care to pull it back away from touching the stems.