Leonard Messel Magnolia Tree
Leonard Messel Magnolia Tree

Leonard Messel Magnolia Tree


Spectacular Blooms Leonard Messel Magnolia Tree Winner of Royal Horticultural Society Award of Garden Merit Excellent Size for Small Space Gardens Two-Toned, Strappy Blooms on Bare Branches Blooms a Bit Later Than Other Star Magnolias Reliably

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Spectacular Blooms Leonard Messel Magnolia TreeWinner of Royal Horticultural Society Award of Garden Merit
Excellent Size for Small Space Gardens
Two-Toned, Strappy Blooms on Bare Branches
Blooms a Bit Later Than Other Star Magnolias
Reliably Beats Late Frosts
Purple Flower Buds Open to White Interior
Fragrant Blooms Age to Gorgeous Lavender-Pink
Expertly Shaped as a Single Stem Tree Form
Fine-Textured Narrow Leaves
Widely Adaptable
Cold Hardy
Gain a glorious focal point, the easy way! With ravishing, bi-colored flowers, this showy, Star Magnolia-type fit anywhere…even in courtyards and other small spaces.
Our tree experts have carefully crafted the lovely Leonard Messel Magnolia Tree Form (Magnolia x loebneri ‘Leonard Messel’) into a single trunk tree form. They are absolutely breathtaking in bloom.
Purple buds emerge in late winter on the bare branches. You’ll be thrilled to track their elongation and growth as a sure sign that Old Man Winter is nearly finished.
Leonard Messel is a bit delayed to open their buds, compared to other varieties. That’s a good thing!
Magnolia blooms can be damaged by frost, so the later the bloom period, the better. These freshly fragranced blooms are incredible, so you’d hate to miss them.
Held on bare branches, the purple buds open into long, strap-like petals. The interior is pure white, and the two-toned display works beautifully when studied up close.
At a distance, the flowering display reads a blended lilac. As the flowers age, they’ll mature into a lovely lavender-pink with variation from bloom to bloom.
Frankly, it’s no wonder why this delightful tree won the prestigious Award of Garden Merit by the Royal Horticultural Society. The bloom is showy, yet refined, and so welcome after a long, cold winter.
Honey bees appreciate the flowers, too. Feel good about this choice to support the beneficial pollinators in your neighborhood.
It’s okay to sneak a few of the branches for elegant, long-lasting cut flower arrangements. Their fresh, lemony scent only adds to the delightful experience.
These pretty trees also provide shade and screening all season. Use them with pride in your front yard, or appreciate their charm in the backyard, too.
If we are in stock on the site, please place your order right away. We work with professional garden designers across the country, and they move fast to dazzle their clients with these beautiful trees.
Order Leonard Messel Magnolia Tree Form today! What a wonderful small flowering tree.
How to Use Leonard Messel Magnolia Tree Form in the LandscapeAdd one as a single specimen to anchor a planting bed. Try it at the corner of your house in your foundation planting. Be sure to enlarge the mulch bed to include it as a very gracious accent.
Give yourself something gorgeous to look at as you do the dishes. This tree looks great as a living screen outside of windows.
Plant a traffic-stopping row of these special tree-form Leonard Messel along your driveway, or use at your property line. Space them 10 feet apart on center to let the canopies touch, measuring from trunk to trunk. Increase the spacing to 20 feet apart on center, if you prefer a formal row of individual trees.
In a larger property, why not mix with other flowering trees in a long, wide mulched border for a spectacular spring show? Don’t forget to underplant with a generous drift of spring-flowering bulbs!
Include some of the hot new Redbud varieties. Mix a Crabapple and Flowering Dogwood tree into the design. Or, stick with Magnolias in all colors.
If you have treasured mature evergreen trees, add a few Leonard Messel Magnolia on the south side in a new mulched bed. Perk up their stolid good looks with charming springtime blooms.
#ProPlantTips for CarePlant where they’ll receive at least six hours of sunshine a day. You’ll get the best flowering with more sun!
They will perform at their best in slightly acidic, well-drained soils. Use a raised bed, if you need to improve drainage.
Mulch is greatly appreciated by all Magnolias. Apply a three-inch layer of pine straw or pine bark mulch. Pull the mulch back six inches all around the trunk.
Keep the roots evenly moist with a regular schedule of supplemental water, in the absence of rainfall. Like Goldilocks, these trees don’t like being overly dry or overly wet; keep the moisture “just right”.
Prune to shape or correct only after the spring blooms are past. We recommend that you plan out your pruning cuts in advance to avoid unfortunate overzealousness.
Enjoy these spectacular, commercial landscape-grade Leonard Messel Magnolia Tree Form from Nature Hills. Order yours today!
Tree Form vs. Shrub FormThe details make all the difference in a garden. At Naturehills.com, we understand that little things like what form a plant is can greatly impact how you plan your landscape. So before you buy, don’t forget to check which form you’re getting.
Tree Form: These are plants that have one stem coming from the ground. Plants can also be considered single stem when lower branches are removed to raise the height of the branching to a more desired height. Sometimes, you will hear a tree form referred to as a single stem.
Shrub Form:These are bushy plants with many stems and branchings close to the ground. They are referred to as shrubs or bushes and are often shorter than their tree forms.