Tropic Snow Peach Tree
Tropic Snow Peach Tree

Tropic Snow Peach Tree


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Better than the grocery store! The Tropic Snow Peach Tree (Prunus persica ‘Tropic Snow’) is a delicious fruit tree that’s ideal for mild winters and hot climates throughout USDA growing zones 8 through 10. These unique fruits have pale green skin with a soft pink blush over snowy white flesh! The superb low-acid flavor is super sweet and bright! Tropic Snow is a low chill fruit tree perfect for the southern US states and areas with very mild winters.
After the fragrant pink blossoms fade, and the glossy, long green foliage fills out the entire tree, these fuzzy freestone gems begin to form, dangling from every branch! Ripening by June to July, this mid-season Peach is ready just in time for summer barbecues and party fruit trays!
Flowering and fruiting earlier in the growing season, these deciduous trees are hardy throughout hot climates in the southern US. Reaching a mature height of 20-25 feet and spread of 15-20 feet wide, Tropic Snow becomes a good-sized tree for shade and specimen plantings! Prune smaller for even the tiniest yard to still enjoy white-fleshed Peaches as long as you have enough sun!
Planting and Application:Plant these ornamental flowering trees anywhere sunny! Create an edible landscape out of an otherwise inedible desert, establishing your family’s food security and feeling like you are self-sustainable. You’ll love watching your family pick healthy fruit right in your own front or back yard.
Tropic Snow Peach Tree can be pruned to any size needed for any sized property. Use as a front lawn specimen or accent tree, or as a backyard shade tree near your seating areas. Create groupings for increased pollination and screening, or go linear with your orchard and prune Tropic Snow and other Fruit trees into long hedgerows of fruit and privacy the birds will love!
Creamy Greenish White Skin & Red Blush
Freestone & Little Fuzz
Melting, Bright, Juicy Sweet White Flesh
Fresh Eating, Sauces, Preserves & Desserts
Lovely Edible Ornamental Flowering Fruit Tree
#ProPlantTips for Care:Peach Trees need full sun, so provide at least 6 hours of direct sunlight per day. Plant them in a consistently moist location that is well-drained and well mulched to prevent evaporation and insulate the roots from heat. Prune in late winter and early spring for size and to remove crossing, diseased and damaged branches.
Full Sun
Moderate Consistent Moisture
Enriched Well-Drained Soil
Prune When Dormant
100-200 Chill Hours
Tropic Snow Peach Trees are going to be your new favorite white-fleshed peach! If you live in a hot climate or growing zone with mild winters, then you need to hurry and order this new offering from today! We guarantee you’ll never want anything other than homegrown goodness again!