Tools For Removing Wallpaper

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Tools For Removing Wallpaper 1
Savogran 10773 Fast® Wallpaper Remover ~ One Gallon

Wallpaper can be a beautiful wall covering and has been used for centuries, but it sometimes needs to be replaced. Removing wallpaper can be a very challenging undertaking. We offer some suggestions to make the job a little easier.

A concentrated remover that softens wallpaper paste to aid in the removal of old wallpaper. Fast® should be diluted with water and applied by sponge or roller to soak the old wall covering. Washable or painted wall coverings must be perforated well to allow Fast® to penetrate. Use Fast® as an afterwash to clean traces of paste from walls prior to recovering. Fast® contains Bitrex® to hinder accidental swallowing by children.

Catalog of wallpaper strippers

Removing wallpaper can be a very challenging undertaking.

Tools For Removing Wallpaper 2
Red Devil 3241 3241-3in. Wallpaper Shaver

  • 3″ single-edge blade set in tubular steel handle with non-slip vinyl grip
  • Angled head designed to make jobs easier
  • For tool number 3241
  • The tool shown is 3 inches wide. Other sizes are available.

    Catalog of wallpaper removal tools


    Tools For Removing Wallpaper



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