Tomato Seeds

The tomato is widely consumed in diverse ways, raw or cooked, in many dishes, sauces, salads, and drinks. Growing your own tomatoes is relatively easy. Grow a couple of plants in pots on the deck or grow several in a tilled plot.

Carrot Seeds

Carrots are favorite food. Eat as sliced carrots with dip of your choice. Cook carrots as a side dish to any meal. Chop carrots as part of a side salad to your meal. A real favorite is carrot cake. Grow your own carrots. plant a few in pots is fairly easy. . Carrot Seeds . […]

Hot Peppers

Peppers have been a part of human diets since about 7,500 BC, and are one of the oldest cultivated crops in the Americas, as origins of cultivating chili peppers are traced to northeastern Mexico some 6,000 years ago. There are many types of hot peppers that you can grow in pots on your deck or […]

Sweet Pepper

The bell pepper is also known as sweet pepper. Cultivars of the plant produce fruits in different colors, including red, yellow, orange, green, white, and purple. Bell peppers are sometimes grouped with less pungent pepper varieties as “sweet peppers”. While they are fruits—botanically classified as berries—they are commonly used as a vegetable ingredient or side […]

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